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Why Zack Snyder Is the Best Choice to Direct 'The Batman'

The Batman standalone movie seems to be having trouble finding a director. Warner Bros wants to fast-track the project, after a positive response from the audience on Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman. 910 more words


Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice pt. 1 – Prologue

“There was a time above. A time before. There were perfect things. Diamond absolutes. But things fall, things on earth. And what falls, is fallen. In the dream, they took me to the light. 975 more words


When Can We Expect The 'Justice League' Trailer?

Despite the critical shellacking Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe has taken, fans are still hoping that the upcoming entries in the series will deliver on all of the hype and excitement surrounding these iconic characters.  281 more words


Justice League Image Shows Batman

We received a trailer, um, nope, strike that, we got a tease from Zack Snyder showing off an image of the Justice League movie.

Zack is in the editing room, finalizing a Batman fight scene. 61 more words


100 Films @ 10: Most Effective Director's Cuts

Whether they be director’s, extended, ultimate, or any number of strung-together adjectives someone in marketing thought sounded exciting, direct-to-home-media alternate cuts of movies are all the rage nowadays. 1,148 more words



Zack Snyder has posted a pic on his social media account on Vero of what it looks like when the visual effects are added to a film. 75 more words


Zack Snyder Teases A Major Batman Fight Scene In 'Justice League'

Zack Snyder just shared an image from Justice League, revealing a major fight sequence including Batman and some Parademons.

Shared on the directors official Vero account, the image shows Batman swooping down into a room filled with Steppenwolf’s minions. 111 more words