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Movie Spoilers: Is It Possible To Avoid Them, With Social Media?

In the age of social media it’s nearly impossible to avoid movie spoilers, unless, of course, you are not on social media.

Even so, for fans, ruining a film with spoilers has become a problem that happens on a regular basis, almost as soon as an announcement is made. 471 more words


Ben Affleck Will Be Our Best Live-Action Batman Yet

What’s up movie lovers? Whenever a big comic book hero or villain is cast, fanboys around the world cheer or groan as they find out who is going to play their beloved character. 907 more words

Will Lex Luthor Be Wearing His Classic Armor In 'Batman V Superman'?

It’s pretty obvious by the film’s title —  and recent teaser trailer — that the majority of the conflict in Batman v Superman will be between the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel. 236 more words


This 'Batman v Superman' Fan Made Poster Is Worthy of Being the Official Poster

Set images, official images, a teaser trailer, an IMAX event, and promo art and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is still ten months away. Since it’s announcement at SDCC to what seems like a decade ago, Warner Bros. 222 more words



Full disclosure: I have never read the graphic novel by Alan Moore upon which this film was based. Furthermore, this post will contain spoilers, if you have never watched this (7 year old) movie and still mean to do so. 408 more words


Sucker Punch

Production Design so lush it is a tutorial on how to dress sets, work wardrobe, present props and properly layer visual effects plates.


Sucker Punch (2011): a beautiful sexy mess of a movie, with a strong moral core and brilliant videogame-style scifi imagery.

Sucker Punch (2011).

Sucker Punch wasn’t a movie. It was a sexy, twisted video game. From samurai swords and ninja moves to Gatling guns and giant mecha, this one nearly has it all. 694 more words