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Hey DC: Keep Zack Snyder Away From Your Superheroes

WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead

Ever since 2012’s lackluster Man of Steel first arrived on the scene, DC has been struggling to gain better reviews and more support from audiences and critics alike, especially now that the terribly received (but financially successful) … 1,203 more words

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Ben Affleck Solo Batman Film May Feature Many Villains

With Ben Affleck confirmed to be directing the upcoming solo Batman film, rumours are surfacing about the potential story and villains that may appear and from these rumours you can make out story will feature many villains from Batman’s rogue gallery; therefore the potential story for this solo Batman film may very well be… 199 more words


WB's DC Cinematic Universe: Are Things About to Get Very Messy Behind the Scenes?

There has been a disturbance in the DC Cinematic Universe. Have you felt it?

Seth Grahame-Smith is no longer directing the Ezra Miller Flash movie, … 841 more words

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The Flash Suffers From More Quick Exits

Seth Grahame-Smith, known for writing Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, as well as his involvement with The Lego Batman Movie, Beetlejuice 2… 174 more words


Ben Affleck & Geoff Johns To Have FULL CREATIVE CONTROL Over Batman Solo Project

This may be the most exciting news to emerge from the aftermath of Batman v Superman but one that makes us oh so giddy inside!  301 more words


Why Marvel have Reigned Supreme over DC Comics Once more

Before I go ahead… SPOILER ALERT! Do not continue to read this post if you are yet to watch one of them, you have been warned. 820 more words


300: Rise of an Empire Review


In 2007, Zack Snyder’s 300 was a memorable hit at the theaters. Loosely based on events in ancient times and styled in the fashion of Frank Miller’s graphic novel (which the film was more based on), the film was a success (Becoming one of the most successful movies that year) with its” R-rated” adrenaline tale of swords, blood, and a plethora of six packs abs to go around.  1,257 more words