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Reggie's Take Podcast #20

Here at Reggie’s Take our twentieth Podcast is up and on-line as my guest from the True Believers and I talk about Ben Affleck’s promotion in the DCEU, Dwayne Johnson on Robin Williams and Star Wars. 119 more words



After writing my last entry about about the possibility of DCEU “Taking things over the top” I started to wonder. What are the chances of Greek Mythology actually spilling into the DC Cinematic Universe? 331 more words

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Episode 156: The Suicide Squad Might Show DC's Heroes How To Make A Good Movie


So, last week, I talked about my issues with the current DC movie universe. I just don’t like the lack of any whimsy in them as well as how it feels so directionless. 962 more words

Robin's Adventures

Did Warner Bros Accidentally Tell Us The Identity of the Deceased Robin in Batman V Superman?

By: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Ever since the first shots of a Robin suit with the words “HA HA” spray painted on it were shown in a trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, speculation ran wild with just who it could have been in that suit. 323 more words


Why Zack Snyder Didn't Belong in the DC Cinematic Universe

Well, it’s certainly been a couple of busy weeks over at DC, hasn’t it?

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has grossed over $800 million worldwide. 1,044 more words

Fiefo's Editorial

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) - IMDb

I wasn’t sure I even wanted to review this movie. The reactions to this film have been completely divisive. Most critics have generally panned it. I, however, really enjoyed this film. 427 more words

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This Week in Soundtrack: Man of Steel (2013)

We’re way pass Batman v Superman but the wounds still hurt. Well I personally didn’t see it cause I knew disappointment was going to follow. But judging from everyone else, fans and critics alike, it sounded like a pretty disappointing film. 327 more words