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Ferragosto Jam better than Sziget?

Europe has some of the world’s best music festivals, but they are often dominated by anglophile bands from America and the United Kingdom.

Fans often travel from across Europe to Sziget in Hungary, Frequency in Austria, Southside in Germany or other festivals to hear more or less the same Anglo bands, and they learn very little about the local music culture. 315 more words


Croatia - Vrlo Lijepo!

Croatia – Day 1

Recently, I was blessed with the chance to visit Croatia. I am so glad I did!
Croatia is a beautiful country, a country of contrast and a country of friendly, helpful people. 251 more words


Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy in 11 Days

One day in February 2017, my Indonesian friend, Sila came to my room to have lunch together. We chatted along with Giada, my Italian roommate. Somehow, we chatted on how beautiful Plitvice and Triglav National Park are and we really want to visit it someday. 1,578 more words


Northern Croatia

As temperatures began to plunge in Helsinki, a soggy excuse for snow fall out of the sky and the November blues seep in, I decided to head out for a small tour of the ex-Yugoslav republics of South-East Europe. 525 more words


Let's go to PARK MAKSIMIR, CROATIA with kid (s) !

It’s sunday. Morning. Most of the people we know are chasing their last days or weekens on the coast. That is why Zagreb is so empty and kinda lonely. 776 more words


1001 ways to break up with your ex

On a sleepy, cobbled street in old town Zagreb sits an unassuming house with a world of hilarious and heart-breaking wonders inside. This simple, minimalist building blending quietly into its surroundings may not immediately catch your eye, but the stories on the inside will stay with you for a lifetime. 1,132 more words


Architecture and Design Photographs From The Streets Of Zagreb

My favourite thing to do in any city I visit is to simply walk it’s streets both within and outside of the city centre. There are, of course, specific sites to see and an overload of information on the internet regarding all the things there are to do. 124 more words