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Food for Thought-The Shaman on the Bratislava Train (The Sixteenth Letter)

25 May 1957
Between Bratislava and Belgrade, The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
After the third tunnel, over the fourth hill, near the curve where dinner is served… 448 more words

Food For Thought


8 août 2014 – Le départ de Ljubljana fut très matinal et nous arrivons à Zagreb pour deux jours, en retard bien sur. Il fait très beau et après avoir converti quelques euros en kuna, nous grignotons sur la belle place qui se trouve face à la gare. 664 more words


Behind the sofa

‘Behind the sofa’ is well known British expression usually used when somebody wants to hide behind the sofa to avoid unpleasant scenes on TV program but doesn’t want to leave the room… 142 more words

Girl at War - Zagreb, New York - Sara Novic

Why a booktrail?

War- torn Yugoslavia seen  through the eyes of a young girl.

Story in a nutshell

Zagreb 1991

Ten-year-old Ana Juric is a carefree tomboy. 712 more words


A trip to the Zoo in Zagreb

Day 14
We got on board the seven-hour train to Zagreb, which involved an awkward moment where an elderly Croatian woman asked John to help him lift her suitcase but, as he couldn’t understand her, someone else had to help. 667 more words


Table for two

For me it is always special pleasure making and arranging table for two. Inspiration can be found anywhere, details are important as well as feeling… Nothing can be done right without love and without feeling that makes our life beautiful, keep us going, brighten up our days and makes evenings magical… 32 more words