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Summer 2015 Anime Marathon Part 3: Legend of Korra

Not traditionally anime, but it the animation and story telling are heavily influenced by anime and it is animated by Korean, American and Japanese studios. It is one of the most progressive American cartoons with it’s touching ending and with the plots of the seasons. 140 more words

Review Serial The Legend of Korra, Bagian Kedua

Dunia mengalami perubahan besar setelah terjadinya Konvergensi Harmonik pada musim sebelumnya. Kini dunia manusia dan dunia roh kembali terhubung setelah 10.000 tahun. Kini manusia dan roh dapat hidup berdampingan. 377 more words


(Spoiler): At the end of LoK when Korra creates a spirit portal in the middle of Republic City (yay!) that anyone(humans and spirits alike) could just freely walk through at any point in time. 287 more words

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Best of 2014 | TV Shows

Last year this topic was very easy for me, but to be completely honest I didn’t watch a lot of TV! I tried starting a few shows, but nothing worth mentioning really stuck to me. 1,029 more words

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The Indian Cricket 'Fans' or Indian Cricket Extremists?

The social media and many cricket fanatics were buzzing in shock with the fact that BBCI had sent the list of World Cup probables¬†which… 729 more words



Today on BOOM’s Big Breakfast Zaheer will address the viral photo he posted on the Boom Radio Facebook page regarding the false belief that the ISIS are associated with the Islamic religion. 48 more words


Cherish Something

Yesterday, my boyfriend sent me this image he found on Eugene Lee’s tumblr. I died a lot on the inside <3 <3 <3 It’s a breathtaking image, and very thought-provoking.¬† 288 more words

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