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I'm Ready

I am starting this journey afresh. Nobody knows what I am feeling and I’m proud of that. I feel amazing, confused, happy and sad all at the same time. 308 more words



Once again, let us drift back to the times when we were kid and the sun never seemed to be a problem during play.

I remember as a kid we used to be ‘punished’ for being kids. 284 more words


Music Nostalgia

Music? I’ve been listening to music since a long time, perhaps as soon as I was born. My mother always tells me that I could not sleep without listening to the song ‘Taal’ which is a really soothing Indian song. 328 more words


"A Panoply of All Possible Futures" From "The Zahir" by Jorge Luis Borges

Next to the Anthony Burgess quote I previously posted, this is my favourite literary passage on money 

Sleepless, possessed, almost happy, I reflected that there is nothing less material than money, since any coin (a twenty centavo piece, for instance) is, in truth, a panoply of all possible futures.

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The Particular

Paulo Coelho - Zahir

Mi-e dor să mai am timp pentru mine. Mi-e dor să mai am poftă de citit. Mi-e dor să devorez o carte în doar câteva ore. 575 more words


Move on. The world doesn't owe you.

I had heard so much about Paulo Coehlo from my sister and decided to read one of his books. Not being much of a “ 367 more words

Nothing but a zahir

‘I’ dopps the ego out,

only the quotation marks are left

and an empty space in between.

‘You’ loses its meaning

and you still manifest your unseen presence. 119 more words