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POTUS Reporting For Duty.......On Twitter

Mr. President, you are a bit late to this party, But your first tweet shows clearly that you know that. Better late than never!

Regardless of where any one of us stands politically, this could be a very interesting account to follow. 196 more words


Release news will be announced @TheDemonHouse @Zak_Bagans

@TheDemonHouse is not series and wont be airing on Travel Channel. It is a film. Release news will be announced https://t.co/5errSuW7Oh

— Zak Bagans (@Zak_Bagans) May 16, 2015


Zak working on a new project in Las Vegas @Zak_Bagans

Today marks the beginning of a very exciting project right here in Las Vegas that Ive been working on for years…prepare urselves Las Vegans!

— Zak Bagans (@Zak_Bagans) April 13, 2015


Updates on Zak's documentary film "The Demon House" @Zak_Bagans @TheDemonHouse @UncleCreepy @DreadCentral

Attn GAC – @Zak_Bagans Updates Us Exclusively on The Demon House http://t.co/Av7xekrCeZ via @dreadcentral

— Steve Barton (@UncleCreepy) April 10, 2015

“In anticipation of Zak Bagans’ (“Ghost Adventures”) upcoming film, The Demon House, based upon his stay in the haunted home that he purchased following the strange events which befell Latoya Ammons and her family in Gary, Indiana, we got in touch with Zak to see how things are progressing.

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