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Paranormal Lockdown:Trans- Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Recap

Welcome to Paranormal Lockdown, before we start can we take a minute to talk about the soundtrack (Between Heaven & Hell by Rob Saffi.)

Whoever picked this piece was bang on the money and I love it; from the get go I know that this show may be providing me with something new and a little bit different 1,319 more words


Ghost Adventures: The Haunted Museum Recap

Following last week’s ‘Alien’ edition, I come to this episode with some trepidation.  I watched Zak’s live Facebook broadcast last week and he was bigging it up, but he and the crew do that for every episode over on the twitter, so I remain to be convinced. 2,167 more words

Zak Bagans

Zak Bagans - 'I am Haunted'

Along with other people I have always been a little skeptical of whether ghosts or spirits are real but have quite interested in learning more about them. 356 more words

My 'Ghost Adventure'

It was a mild day one December afternoon in San Antonio, Texas,  and to my unexpected surprise,  the crew from Ghost Adventures show up at the Alamo! 111 more words


Untold Story (part 1) or The story of how I try to write short stories :)

Disclaimer: This story is fictional and only fictional. I do not pretend to be the character of this story. However, I have always been interested in any kind of paranormal events and I am opened to the witnesses you would may want to share with me.

498 more words

I LOVE Ghost Adventures (and other ghost-themed reality TV) - Midnight Confessions

Katie discusses her unadulterated love for all things Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures and ghost-themed reality TV. Also, can you spot all the hidden ghosts in this episode?!? 49 more words

Midnight Confessions

Monstrous Monday - Spiritual Responsibility

Zak Bagans’ latest television show Deadly Possessions brings up serious spiritual concerns. I’m not going to critique the show as much as what is not being broadcast. 451 more words