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English Campy 2014 v České republice - léto plné angličtiny s rodilci z USA

Týdenní jazykový pobyt v ČR – tzv. English Camp – patří už skoro 20 let k oblíbeným možnostem výuky angličtiny. Výhody: netradiční výuka, rodilí mluvčí z USA a GB, nízká cena a aktivní týden seznamování s aktivními lidmi. 687 more words

Intermediate (středně Pokročilí)


“Lego” can be used in a daily speech instead of “let go”. As you probably understand from this picture.

Vocabulary (slovíčka)

Could you repeat that, please?

Sometimes, native speakers are hard to understand. They might speak too quickly, or use too difficult or colloquial expression. BritishCouncil.org has a great video presenting different ways of letting them know you did not understand, without being rude or appear ignorant. 43 more words

Intermediate (středně Pokročilí)

Homophone, Homonym, Synonym

Do you know the difference between homophone, homonym and synonym?

In a nut shell:

  • synonym – a word with the same meaning
  • homonym – a word with the same spelling and different meaning…
  • 22 more words
Advanced English (pokročilí)

Are you Putin’ me on?

For some reason, the Internet is obsessed with the name of Vladimir Putin. Here is the best collection:

Vocabulary (slovíčka)

Funny vocabulary error

“Use the word bank,” the instructions said. So Emma used the word bank.

OK, can you solve this correctly? This is elementary school, yet you can still run into problems. 12 more words

Intermediate (středně Pokročilí)

Tired vs. tiring

We talked about the difference of bored vs. boring:

  • This lecture is so boring.
  • I am bored because of this lecture.

Well, similar difference between… 65 more words

Intermediate (středně Pokročilí)