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Zante's French connection

Of all the nationalities I could have been if I wasn’t Irish, French would have suited me best. That has nothing to do with my French-sounding surname, which actually comes from a far-flung corner of county Mayo on the… 1,328 more words


Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos, Greece is a Greek Island in the Ionian Sea.  It is a truly picturesque island.  When you google pictures of this place, they actually look like the real-deal when you get there!   177 more words


Walking the sage-scented hills of Marathiá, Zakynthos

After dropping one pair of Aussies off (Alexander and Eoin, at school), we proceeded to the crossroads at Lithakiá to pick up another. Louise, who runs the  1,097 more words


Zakynthos Update

Okay, this is going to be more of a newsy blog with an update of all the little bits and pieces that we’ve been up to lately. 373 more words


Protomagiá at last

Mayday in Greece

The first of May is known as Protomagiá (Πρωτομαγιά) in Greece. People get the day off work, kids get the day off school, and everyone heads out into the countryside to pick flowers.  931 more words


Making ladotiri - the local cheese of Zakynthos

Our good friend, Yorgo, is a self-sufficiency guru.  Not in the modern “let’s escape consumerism and go back to our roots” kind of way but out of tradition, inclination, and to a large part, necessity.  334 more words



Zakynthos has been my absolute favorite place to go. Have you ever read a magazine where you get to see pictures of crystal blue water and cool islands and the perfect sand on the beach? 382 more words