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Setting Intentions

Sometimes so much time goes by and all the things I want to write about compile upon each other and it seems impossible to start to unpack them. 1,268 more words

Peace Corps

Tuzini Farms

Greetings All,

In a previous post, I expressed my admiration for farmers who take pride in growing their own natural crops. With the food industry—particularly here in the West—banking off of non-Holistic products, it’s nice to come across men and women who are investing in the health of others. 173 more words

Daddy did you see that?

Day 2 in Battambang! We take a wander round the town and chill in a cafe for most the morning. Battambang Center is a french built area which now results in a mishmash of colonial/Cambodian feel. 1,073 more words


Shakespeare's Folklore

I think I’ve said many times over that it’s not that William Shakespeare (and Dante Alighieri) hated dogs but rather superstitions involving them were far more common in their day. 167 more words

How Can Active Income Be Better Than Passive Income?

I could pretend like this was easy – like I could share the secret sauce of creating passive income for life. But it’s not that easy. 518 more words

18 Years Old