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Hippos of Zambia

Every sighting of a hippo is an absolute thrill. They have that huge 1.5 ton body on short, stubby legs, topped by a bulbous face with little eyes and tiny ears. 458 more words


Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

The coveted double rainbow photo of Victoria Falls! Since it’s the rainy season most of the view sites are covered in mist and rain but the sun came out for a few hours for some spectacular views. 158 more words


World's Sinister

By: Cryptix

Our earthly never ending pursuit of a panacea by now we should know it has it’s place beyond celestial. so am Calling on the vibrant blooded to Till this societal soil beneath our Cracking fit in search of fertility sowing remnants that won’t be consumed in this present day acidic political landscape. 725 more words


I suspect

I suspect that there might be many other reasons why dogs aren’t well-liked in Abrahamic religions, beyond what most followers would realise if we take dogs’ association with witchcraft and sensuality into account. 578 more words

The "Pursuit of Happiness"

Happiness is a funny thing when you sit down and think about it. All your life you’re told to do things that make you happy, to pursue happiness. 489 more words

Remember The Old Times

By: King TMC

There will be times that will change these times;
times, that will challenge thesetimes,
times when youths with fancy watches cannot tell when it’s their time, 241 more words