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We shall all go to jail because you are also stealing-Lungu tells ministers.

Dictator Edgar Lungu on Saturday told his ministers that they will also not be spared jail for stealing from the Zambian people.

A tired looking Lungu told his ministers during the special Cabinet meeting to approve the budget that there were ministers handling over huge dossiers of government corruption to the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and other opposition leaders. 259 more words


Michelle Walker on the Full-Circle Learning Center in Zambia

The EHG Fund has always admired the Full-Circle Learning’s initiative to bring developing countries higher levels of education. We are committed to furthering the education of the world’s youth for a better tomorrow. 865 more words

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Mourn your slain brother instead defending a thief – Chanda told

Go and mourn your brother instead of defending a thief: Kambwili.

Sunday Chanda my young man, do not fight other people’s battles and do not get your fingers dirty just because you want to keep that Mazda Van you were given from state house, remember the days Frank Bwalya chased you, you looked like your life had come to an end, you are a nobody in President Lungu’s eyes so if I were you I would stop getting ahead of myself, without the PF feeding you from hand to mouth you would be on the streets. 695 more words


The fire tender probe: Water under the bridge again?

The debate about the fire tender purchase has again revealed the inepitude and and toothlessness of the investigative wings under the current Zambian laws. These wings have no capacity to commence an investigation that is begging to be undertaken On a matter as straightforward as the dubious purchase of the fire engines at such a rediculously exorbitant price. 431 more words


Tired Speech - Belemu, MP

Belemu debates in in the Zambian Parliament and summarizes the recent most Lungu speech in parliament as a Tired Presidential Speech, lacking substance to address key substative issues currently affecting the nation. 18 more words


First Book Swap hosted by The Literature Corner

Yesterday I had the honour of hosting the very first book swap under The Literature Corner brand.

I got the chance to interact with like minded individuals for the first hour just to get the lay of the land and figure out who we had managed to trick into actually showing up for one of our events, yes pun intended.

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Beautiful Blackbird - Ashley Bryan

The birds of Africa were once solid colors, bright and bold, pale and delicate. The only bird that was a rainbow of colors was Blackbird, a black so deep light scintillated off his feathers in a dazzling array. 376 more words

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