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Zalmoxianism (Romanian Paganism)

written and copyrighted by Týra Alrune Sahsnotasvriunt, June 2014

Due to the lack of written records little is known about the Thracians (~2000 BC – ~375 AC) who settled in nowadays’ Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania). 2,380 more words

Religious Science

Zamo - who is he and what is he to you?

This is an experimental blog, meant to allow me to distinguish between the recently dumbed down Tumblr editor, the perennially idiotic Blogger editor and.. WLW. 27 more words

A Vegetarian Wizard in Romania

Lately my eyes have been bleeding after spending countless hours reading through old Communist-era documents, chock full of interminable Marxist terms like “irredentist” and all of them written in the tiresome old Slavic orthography wherein ei sunt was written as ei sȃnt and the like. 2,484 more words

Money, Probability And Predicting The Future