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Up-to-the-Minute Books Are Here!

This is a 1939 ad from the Battle Creek (Michigan) Enquirer. Spencer’s sold used books and rented books at what seem to us now as incredibly cheap prices. 1,127 more words

About Emilie (Baker) Loring

Tucson Mountain Park Panorama

Tucson Mountain Park Panorama — Image by kenne

There’s something wonderfully healing in Arizona air.

— Zane Grey


Avatar vs. the Leviathan

Dave Lesniowski

Jake’s transformation doesn’t represent any larger defeat of the Leviathan, imperialism, colonization, or whatever other terms you want to attribute to it. A simple way to analyze this is to compare this movie to manifest destiny and American Southwest expansion. 241 more words


(Ch. 11) The Western A-Z

In most Western films you may find several of the following characters, situations, storylines or themes. I’ve also included some interesting trivia related to the Wild West. 531 more words

Louis L'Amour's Library and Reading List | Art of Manliness


When digging in to the best novels and authors in the Western genre of literature, there are a few names that pop up over and over again. 177 more words