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Zanni Restaurant in Armonk, NY: Napa-Style Italian Cooking for Brunch

There used to be cafe inside Mariani’s Garden in Armonk, NY, where I frequented with my friends. As we were getting together again, I realized that Mariani’s was out of business and in its place came… 186 more words


Herlekin, Arlecchino, Zanni, Truffa, Tatterdemalion

The figure of the harlequin is a bewitching, enigmatic figure who lives in a modern pantomime, at once a posturing and acrobatic figure, attired in a mask and parti-coloured spangled tights.   355 more words

Arlecchino, Arlequin, Harlequin


Atellana comedy
Passion Plays

Arlecchino, as we know him, is a stock character dating back to seventeenth-century Commedia dell’arteHe also has origins in the… 1,595 more words


Elezioni europee: come ti supero Giuda e scelgo Barabba

Il M5S ha perso senza se e senza ma. Il PD ha stravinto, superando la quota del 40% alle elezioni europee. Anzi, se vogliamo essere precisi è stato Renzi ha sbancare. 660 more words


Messes & Masks


I wonder if I would experience thinking differently if my room were organized. Surely one’s environment influences one’s state of being. I’ve always had trouble keeping my room neat. 501 more words