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Bouncing Back

Harrison is feeling better, although he managed to worry me some by not eating much and seeming extra sniffly.  I gave him the last bit of anti-biotics I had and he did have a huge amount of food this evening.   298 more words


Who Looks Nicer?

Who looks nicer today? Davout in meatloaf mode?

Anna looking majestic?

Rhea in the wild? 25 more words



I don’t like the word zany as it applies to mentally ill or anxious people. It’s the same as saying “crazy,” and it’s placing a stigma on a population that has enough to deal with on a day-to-day basis. 271 more words

A-Z Blog Challenge

Z - Zany

All things come to an end. The good, the bad, the crazy. And so the curtains close for the A-Z. Another challenge done. This year was a little crazier than the previous, I thought. 48 more words


Holding your water

It’s hard to get across to new writers that for all the effort and pain they put into writing their poem, their novel, their hip-hoppery, those brilliant scribbles are nothing but a first draft. 582 more words




Shane is planning to rob a bank

And decideS to trust me

‘She’d make a fucking brilliant getaway driver’,

He opines, and Gerry agrees. 82 more words


The Here and Now

In between the concentration on the past, the normal pattern has continued with Anna and the kittens.  I’ve been opening the door more, pulling her out every so often, and she’s reacted more or less the same as usual.   173 more words