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F.A.Q. Adventures in feasing

Q. What is malfeasance?
A. Technically, it’s the act of feasing someone named Mal. Not to be confused with Melfeasance.

Q. Why not?
A. Mel doesn’t like to interact with anybody else’s fease. 583 more words


My dream.....

I usually don’t get dreams, but for the past one week I’m getting I don’t know how.

The dream I got day before yesterday is here: 375 more words


Baseball pomes

Catcher in the rye
Pitcher in the succotash
Action in the pen

Grounder to shortstop:
“Here I come a-bounding, dude.
Catch me if you can.” 152 more words


The most zany fact about me

The most zany fact about me is I don’t actually have the habit of reading books. I don’t say I am proud of that… If I start reading a book I would read at least 50 pages at a stretch. 94 more words


Waiting, as usual, for Godot

Vladimir: How’s everything?
Estragon: How should I know?

Vladimir: I thought you knew everything.
Estragon: I do.

Vladimir: Then let me repeat my question. How’s everything? 648 more words


Artsy fartsy

Q. How can I tell if I have a Caravaggio in my attic?
A. Is that the guy who does the Wolf Blitzer impersonations?

Q. No. 617 more words



Davout had his haircut today, which looks pretty good.  He’s trimmed close from the bottom, so if it warms up he will be more comfortable and hopefully fewer hairballs. 163 more words