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Little Steps

Harrison had a good day today, still some sniffles but he’s felt well enough to play on his own with a toy and check out the back patio. 132 more words


Recovery Day

Harrison is less hungry today after his binge and content to rest and purr in his crate.  He’s acting much like he was when he first came, saving his energy for recovering.   68 more words


Playtime with Anna

I took the camera to play with Anna.  She was game, even moving to several different spots to dance and play with the cord.

It’s hard to catch her on film acting zany, but she does. 48 more words


On Romp Zany Ball Motion Activated Wiggly Wobbly Rolling

Silly bands are popping up all over the place and if you have not experienced them in shops round your town you will. I first started collecting them a number of weeks ago when my son came home from grade school with a few. 271 more words

Combat Continues

There may be many toys around, but the one toy that every cat I have known goes for without exception is the camera strap.

In between the fights, there’s time for a fancy portrait. 129 more words


More From Yesterday's Outing

Harrison likes his adventures, but still runs down quickly.  He soon went inside, dragging his lead behind him.  Almost on cue, Rhea decided to get feisty herself.   205 more words


Cats Out Front

It looked like a good evening for an outing, but with the A/C running it seemed out front would be better than out back.

Harrison was first suited up.   180 more words