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Shelf Kitty

This morning after taking a shower I was surprised to meet Rhea almost nose to nose.  She had jumped up to the top of a bureau in a closet, then up to a space on a metal rack on a shelf. 20 more words


The funny thing is

The emperor has signed an order making it a crime to laugh at him. Because of the liklihood of confusion, we have posted this FAQ. 622 more words


Sayonara Shinjuku

Here’s one last neon whirl around Shinjuku’s flashing lights and garish nightlife.

I’m missing the frenetic city again! The temptation to book flights and head back is increasing with every photo I post! 41 more words

Lost and flounder

K-Mac drops a pill and it rolls under the washer. What is the etiquette here? The handbook suggests these standard options.

• Offer an empathetic “It sucks to be you.” 612 more words


Cruel Shoes

I thought I’d seen most strange cat products, but at work today someone gifted me with a set of Kitten Mittens.  Yes, socks for cats. 109 more words


Night time neon

We spend so long pottering around Akihabara that night time descends upon us – but this is by far the best time to see the area. 309 more words

Enemy of the peeps

Q. How long have you been an enemy of the people?
A. Just a few days. Ever since the Hair Master labeled the news media “The enemy of the people.” But, in fact, I’ve been a reporter since way back when people who played the banjo were sex symbols. 598 more words