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Davout and the Egg

Davout continues to play with the little motorized egg toy.

The spinning sometime catches him a little off guard… 70 more words


The 5 Biggest Myths about Thanksgiving

1. The Indians arrived in a Plymouth.
A very common misconception. In fact, The Puritans sailed from England in The Mayflower, which hit a large rock just off Massachusetts. 596 more words


Diet and Exercise

The ‘medicine’ for the two cranky girls has arrived.  It is supposedly the concentrated stuff that warm milk has in it to make you relax. 198 more words


Now we're talking - excerpt 4

Jim shook his head and chomped the end off a gherkin. He had no qualms about eating gherkins because he’d never known one to speak. It was probably something to do with the vinegar they were pickled in. 280 more words

Children's Book

Now we're talking - excerpt 3

“That’s cruel,” said Mister Potato Head, “leaving it alone in the dark with dangerous bands of wandering handkerchiefs.”
“Not to mention the corduroy trouser spiders with coconuts for feet,” said a smelly trainer. 21 more words

Children's Book

Now we're talking - excerpt 2

On the bedside table the red blobs in Jim’s lava lamp floated slowly up and down like Martian jellyfish, leaving most of his bedroom in darkness where dangerous things could hide – like Rupert, the woolly knitted shark, basking upside down on a pile of dusty comic books; like the tiny figure of Frankenstein’s monster that blew a raspberry now and then for no apparent reason. 223 more words

Children's Book

Now we're talking - excerpt 1

“The zookeepers are setting all the ice-creams free,” explained the robot, “to try and stop global warming.”
“I hope they don’t let those ferocious porcupine trifles out as well,” said the plug on Jim’s lava lamp. 204 more words

Children's Book