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Thunder Runs

Today the little Generals had so much zoomie energy built up that pictures were a problem, so another chunk from yesterday has to take over. 212 more words


Oh no

I was doing the dishes after supper — doing an outstanding job by the way — when K-Mac asked “Where did you learn to wash dishes?” 474 more words


Fake news blues

Having worked for decades as a newsman, I am distressed to find that news has been supplanted by fake news (in some states, supplanted beneath turnips.) Perhaps worse, people tend to believe fake news more than the non-fake (aka real) news. 611 more words


The crawfish pie guy

In the old days, a tough question at a job interview might be “How many murders have you committed?” Or “If we hire you, will you murder any of us? 605 more words


Here We Go Again

Marshal was happy to get his outside daylight time outside in the back yard.

Rhea was poking around out there too.

And a little while later, she was on top of the wall. 92 more words



In Poker, they are called Tells. Little tics of character that a player inadvertently reveals about the cards in his hand — all the while convinced that his poker face gives away nothing. 560 more words


Pronouns of the Apocalypse

Q. Can I ask you something in confidence?
A. In confidence of what?

Q. In confidence you’ll keep it to yourself.
A. Hmm. A very unfrequently asked question here at the F.A.Q. 597 more words