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So, I was sitting there in my official thinking mode when suddenly I’m thinking two thoughts simultaneously at once. It’s a premium feature I opted for the last time I had my thinking mode in for an oil change. 587 more words


Chill Down Sunday

Things calmed down some today, with me cleaning stuff up and the cats going a bit wild around.  Here’s Rhea in the lamp box…

Grant continued his charm offensive and even managed to get some licks on the head from both Rhea and Davout at evening bath time. 52 more words

Cat Behavior

A mouthful of tapenade

Let’s suppose your mother thinks of you as “Nuts.” But let’s also pretend you’re really just a harmless goof who occasionally acts a little nutty. To wit: 581 more words


Larry's Corolla

Spoiler alert: this article contains the answer to an unsolved mystery of science. Please avert your eyes while reading so you don’t give anything away to your Walter ego. 649 more words


Kitten Catchup

More playtime pictures of the little generals….

I am amaze! 25 more words


Ribbon Wand Again

The foil ribbon toy is still a big favorite….almost too much so.

Grant and Davout grab hold and start a tug of war to get the capture back to their “lair”. 16 more words