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Unraveled pants

Need some quick fame? Verrrry simple: Rewrite famous sayings (see below for examples) and claim them as your own. Alert the media. Bask in glory. Good luck avoiding paparazzi. 593 more words


Train of fools

This is going to sound crazy, I know, but before you judge me, remember: things that sound crazy often started out as things that didn’t sound crazy, just preposterous or stupid. 614 more words


Boys Being Boys

It’s been a couple days since Grant has been around for pictures.  He’s fine, just hanging out in a basket under a table when he’s tired out from messing around. 290 more words



I’ve been thinking lately that Pythagoras, Aristotle and Sister Mary Funeral were wrong about the world being round.

Given my storied C– education, my abundant… 611 more words


Shelf Kitty

This morning after taking a shower I was surprised to meet Rhea almost nose to nose.  She had jumped up to the top of a bureau in a closet, then up to a space on a metal rack on a shelf. 20 more words


The funny thing is

The emperor has signed an order making it a crime to laugh at him. Because of the liklihood of confusion, we have posted this FAQ. 622 more words


Sayonara Shinjuku

Here’s one last neon whirl around Shinjuku’s flashing lights and garish nightlife.

I’m missing the frenetic city again! The temptation to book flights and head back is increasing with every photo I post! 41 more words