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Grant Getting About

First Grant hung out on the other side of the bookshelf with Rhea watching the action in the living room…

Then he wormed his way into Davout’s bed during washup time and got a free bath from the big fellow… 32 more words


New Toy

Recently I picked up a new wand toy.  This one was from Jackson Galaxy, the cat guru himself.  It had a plastic ‘snake’ end on it. 242 more words


Crazy Combat

Either the fiber capsules helped or Sherman’s own body is gaining the upper hand, since I saw no sign of accidents.  He was very eager to play…he is into chasing the feather all around, skidding on the floor when trying to turn.   67 more words


Alexa, rising

He: Alexa, go into my vault and get me $50,000.
It: I don’t have any legs and you don’t have any fifty k.

He: Alexa, why don’t I have $50,000? 674 more words


Catching Up

Filling in more past pictures.   The kittens are getting back into the swing of having me working during the day.

They are paying more attention to the normal habits of getting ready for work.   82 more words