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Anna's Master Plan

When I went up to visit Anna I took a camera but nobody came up with me.  Anna decided to take matters into her hands and went out to explore the upstairs, even bypassing the office room to go all the way into my room. 299 more words


Let's Talk: The Zany Grandma And Her New Dog

I previously stated that I had many zany grandmother stories to share. So here is one you may enjoy.

My grandmother is very particular when it comes to dogs. 629 more words

One strike away

Have you ever started to sing “Somewhere, over the rainbow” but forgot what comes after the?

Have you ever started to blow your nose but weren’t paying enough attention because you were reading the New York Times on your device and suddenly swerved to avoid a paragraph about Nebuchadanezzer (because you’re just not into ancient Babylon) and you lost control of your nose and fumbled the Kleenex and double-nostrilled into international airspace while your dignity rolled down an embankment and overturned with the flubbed Kleenex drifting, floating, screwing with your mental, and all you could think of was whether you-know-who took it the wrong way, got into a Huff and drove off with the last deviled egg? 487 more words


On the couch

The other night while watching baseball on the Smart TV, we saw the $80 million pitcher for the visiting team struggling. His cut fastball kept bleeding out; his hairball showed scarcely a follicle; and his trademark sleazeball danced into the zone freshly scrubbed and polite to a fault. 603 more words


Sherman is One

It is Sherman’s First Birthday.  No longer a kitten!

It’s strange, I had a hard time finding pictures of him that look young.  He wasn’t tiny tiny when I adopted him.   407 more words


A cheap novel

Friends, I am finding it difficult, if not impossible, to attempt to be funny or silly (don’t even think funny and silly) at such a deadly, unfunny period in our American experience. 662 more words


Huntress by A.E. Radley

You know you have read a fabulous book when you desperately hope that there will be a sequel. Not in the ending was left dangling kind of way, no more than anything you want to read these amazing characters again. 375 more words

Lesbian Romance