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Yeah, I am...

weird. I can recall times when my friends said, “I don’t know you,” or gave me the look because I did/said something embarrassing in public. Initially, I took it as a signal to chill, but Im beginning to become annoyed. 191 more words

Journal 2017.

A little secret

Have you ever found yourself running down the dream and suddenly realized you’d lost your self-awareness? The answer is no, because, if so, you’d be self-aware and already know you’d lost it. 596 more words


Full disclosure

Are you a denier? If you’re not a denier and someone says you’re a denier and you deny it, does your lobotomy scar start to throb? 600 more words


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Thanks, Math®! Never change.

Sometimes you get so caught up in shopping for retro games your half-eaten cookie just gets away from you.

April 9, 2017. Somewhere in beautiful New Jersey.


Unraveled pants

Need some quick fame? Verrrry simple: Rewrite famous sayings (see below for examples) and claim them as your own. Alert the media. Bask in glory. Good luck avoiding paparazzi. 593 more words


Train of fools

This is going to sound crazy, I know, but before you judge me, remember: things that sound crazy often started out as things that didn’t sound crazy, just preposterous or stupid. 614 more words