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Happy Birthday, Rhea

Two years ago Rhea was born in a cattery in San Diego.  At the time I’d have said there was no chance of her coming here, as Calla would not die for another month.   416 more words


how pizza is positive

Pizza is one of your favorite foods, because its full of flavor and if makes you feel hip. When you lived with your parents you ate a sensible diet, but now you are free and have pizza on the brain. 221 more words

Positive Thinking

Canasta on Mars

Yo, they’ve discovered water on Mars. I know. You may not give a hoot (in spite of our moral obligation to give hoots when hootful events occur. 583 more words


Bird is the Word

Browsing the web today I ran into a link to a video for cats.  Davout was interested almost at once.

What seemed to strike him was the sound coming out the back not matching the picture from the front. 180 more words


To shove a pretzel rod

Recently, a psychologist-to-be-named later published excerpts from diaries kept by teens into their adulthood. His point: with a little love and/or support people can change their destiny. 591 more words


Backyard Visit

Davout and Rhea got an outside visit in the morning today.  With the A/C off, Davout plucked up the courage to go to his favorite place in the yard. 122 more words


A Little Combat

Mister Harrison had a good day today, and yesterday for that matter.  Eating well, talking some, following me around.  A little weepy eyes when he gets up from a nap. 71 more words