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Toy Time

I brought out Da Bird to play with….Rhea was game…

Davout was too cautious as usual, but watched from the back.

Harrison made a few tries for it, but was a little slow.   118 more words


Serious Bizzness

Davout considers the back yard a place for serious work.

Harrison:  Look, I can make a funny face!!

Rhea:  I can too!   Your turn, Davout! 9 more words


F.A.Q. The epiglottis

Q. What is an epiglottis?
A. Excuse me, but did you not see the signs?

Q. You mean the signs that say the end of the world is at hand and/or foot? 585 more words


My wonderful Zany kids

I LOVE kids, and their sense of humor. I love the way the world hasn’t jaded them yet, and the future is generally bright tomorrows. (I understand there are exceptions, but that is a topic for another blog post.) My children are very gregarious. 206 more words

Daily Life

Outside Time

Rhea protests the signal to come inside by curling into a C shape when I carry her back.  It makes an interesting picture!

Davout begged to go out and then he just sits here.   47 more words


Fish Bike

I had a bunch of other photos from Thursday, but then this bike came out of the Brackett tunnel and I knew I had my photo of the day. 40 more words

Blowing Uncle Bob

A loud crashing noise from the kitchen. Something on the level of a rusted VW microbus hurled against the side of the house by a Visigoth catapult. 591 more words