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The Here and Now

In between the concentration on the past, the normal pattern has continued with Anna and the kittens.  I’ve been opening the door more, pulling her out every so often, and she’s reacted more or less the same as usual.   173 more words


Listen up, you maggots

The Japanese form of poetry known as haiku conveys observations about nature and/or boneheadosity in a 17-syllable verse. Traditionally, haiku are expressed in three non-rhyming lines of five, seven and five syllables. 219 more words


Burbling borscht

As I often do while trying to think up new ways of saying nothing, I anchored my elbow on the arm of my desk chair and, into the splay of my fingers, I rested my chin–which, one might describe (if one includes the nose, the eyeballs and forehead) as the… 571 more words


Treats and Tricks

The campaign to wear Anna down either by accustoming her to the kittens or by making her less of a object of interest to them continues.   324 more words


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Bribery Works?

Yesterday morning Rhea had a trip to the vet to get some booster vaccine shots and so she was feeling a bit punky part of the day.   306 more words


What 4 Zayn

As I’m sure many of you are aware, Zayn Malik, member of British-Irish boy band One Direction, recently made the courageous choice to officially quit the band. 504 more words

Random Things That Need To Be Said