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F.A.Q. The Deal

(Due to previous commitments, the part of A. is played today by his understudy, B.)

Q. What’s the deal?
B. Seven card stud. Two down, one up. 644 more words


Hunters Point's Zany Library Is Finally On Track For Its 2017 Completion - Curbed NY

Steven Holl’s design for the building was revealed in 2011, but the project took quite some time to actually get off the ground due to budget concerns and overspending by the previous head of the Queens LIbrary. 15 more words

Perpetual Change

While I’ve been hunting for any signs of big changes in Anna and Rhea’s attitudes, Davout has been changing a lot over the last few weeks.   182 more words


A Dick by any other name

The three-day sports controversy cycle:

Day 1, 10:15 p.m. The crawl at the bottom of the screen during EPSN’s nightly Let’s Talk About LeBron James Until We Barf: … 646 more words


Vet Visit

Davout had a vet visit this morning for his year three exam.  All the signs were very good, and he has some blood work upcoming.  He was pretty scared while there, but was polite despite that.   74 more words


Happy Fourth

Luckily for me, the kittens and Anna are not much affected by fireworks, especially the ones far off set off by the towns around.  They didn’t even notice those last night or earlier today. 147 more words


The really sick part

We sat on the sofa, K-Mac and I, watching a talking cookie on the Smart TV try to persuade us that cookies know how to talk and that they have kids and dogs and mortgages and pickup trucks and hopes and dreams like everyone else and that we should listen to their important commercial message. 582 more words