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Sweating like a rat

In the latest Journal of Physiology, scientists in Finland (who even knew they had science in Finland?) describe how exercise creates new brain cells. The following line gave me pause: 583 more words


F.A.Q. Who who hoo hoo

Q. Knock-knock
A. Can I help you?

Q. You’re supposed to say ‘Who’s there?’
A. Why? I can see who’s there. It’s you.

Q. Yeah, but who am I? 603 more words


Sunny Day

It was a nice day for relaxing on the patio and taking in the sun.  It started out that way, but then Rhea had other ideas. 97 more words


Rules of thumb

So often we hear about a person of supreme talent who squanders a golden opportunity because of a problem with opioids, steroids or Sigmund Freud’s slip. 635 more words


Impure thoughts

Can we all agree that some things make no sense?

If not, ask yourself why mothers console disappointed children by saying everything will work out in the end. 606 more words


The lunatic fringe

The world is mad!

Admittedly, an extreme view. But from the haughty, extreme left? The corrosive, extreme right? Or something else altogether? Because, if liberals have a lunatic-fringe and conservatives have a lunatic-fringe, why can’t there be a lunatic-fringe of the center? 563 more words


Thirteen Ways of Looking at an App*

Sometimes it’s all a confusing jumble.
Jumble, jumble, bo bumble,
Fee fi fo fumble.

Questions dog you.
Dogs question you.
Who, what, where, when, why? 385 more words