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Miyagi #6: Mt. Zao's Crater Lake (蔵王御釜)

Miyagi’s 6th postcard is the spectacular crater lake on Mt. Zao. You might recognize the name, as I’ve posted about Yamagata’s Snow Monsters before, which are also located on this mountain. 169 more words


Music for the Next ONE 11/14/15 : "Zillionaire" by Nao

Jazz musicians used to say the true test of a jazz musicians expressive ability was how they played ballads and slow tempos. One could similarly say as far as Funk, there is nothing quite like a slow, dirty tempo in bringing out all the various musical techniques and sensations we deem “funky.” Today’s post, “Zillionaire” by Nao, is a mean, sleek humper with a glossy, retro futuristic pop finish, like the space funk of Missy’s late ’90s work. 485 more words


Our Visit to the Famous Kitsunemura (Fox village) in Japan

Kitsunemura, 蔵王キツネ村 or Fox Village near Zao in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan is now world famous thanks to bloggers, so naturally it was on the top of our Japan bucket list when we learned we were moving here. 653 more words


NEWS: Zao Almost Finish With New Album

Zao has revealed that they are almost done recording their much-awaited new album. You can check out what the band posted on their Facebook page regarding this announcement below.

Random Start: Zao - “Black Coffee”

Starting the music day the same way I’m starting my beverage day. Wait, Starbucks is the Christian metal cover of a more influential punk brand, right?

Random Start

NEWS: Zao Post Updates On Progress Of New Album

Metalcore pioneers Zao has given us an update on their upcoming new album today. You can check out what the band has posted on their Facebook page today below. 116 more words

Zao Gives Album Update

From Zao’s Facebook page:
General recording updates. All of the music is tracked for the new album. There are about 13 songs set aside for the full length (one of which is Xenophobe — which has been given new vocals and will have a new mix). 76 more words

New Music