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Zao Wou-Ki

Post #2

Okay, so I’m pretty addicted to this piece at the moment. I cant say I’m overly into modern abstract art, but this one has me transfixed. 443 more words


Pinholes and Ice Monsters

This post is going to be out of order. I wanted to start with a general overview post about Zao, Yamagata, but I am working on my photos at the same time and the pinhole work a is little more compelling at the moment. 721 more words


Atoj - Atoj (Review)

Atoj are from Italy. This is their latest EP and they play Hardcore.

Atoj’s music is a combination of abrasive Hardcore and 90’s Mathcore. It’s a gritty and dirty EP that showcases a band who have found a sound they’re comfortable with. 104 more words


Book and Notes Organization

It may seem strange to some, but I LOVE taking notes. I didn’t like it at all in my first years of ilm, when my hands would throb in pain and I could never keep up. 319 more words


Zaynab Academy Online

Zaynab Academy..A whole new chapter in my life, I undertook this August 2014. Founded by the respected Mufti Kamaluddin(db) and his beautiful wife, Apa S. Ahmed under the guidance of their honorable teacher, Sheikh Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi, ZAO is a 5 year online aalimah program for women dedicated to classical Islamic learning and spirituality. 501 more words


Tharsis They - Formless/Shapeless (Review)

Tharsis They are from the US and this is their latest EP. They play Hardcore.

I’ve enjoyed this band’s previous work and this short EP is no different. 213 more words


More adorable photos from Japan's fox village

Earlier this year we introduced our readers to Japan’s fox village, an open-range zoo home to dozens of adorable foxes so tame that they’ll walk right up to you to say hi. 197 more words