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Pokemon Ep. 17

Ash and the gang visits Pokemon Land, which they destroy.

Also, apparently Team Rockets boss funded a lot of this park.

No new developments in anything. 40 more words


Cloyster Raid Boss

(Source: pokemongohub.net)

Cloyster is an unusual creature, with thick shell, great typing and A LOT of defense. After testing Raikou and Zapdos, we’ve realized that Machamp is actually the best counter overall Cloyster: it’s super effective, it has enough health and it has Dynamic Punch, the two bar wonder. 69 more words


Poliwrath Raid Boss

(Source: pokemongohub.net)

Poliwrath counters generally fall in two categories / brackets, depending on the moveset that Poliwrath has:

  • A


    moveset Poliwrath is countered by Psychic Pokemon…

  • 118 more words

Gotta Catch A Lot of ‘Em

So I’m walking down Route 12 on the way to Fuchsia City and I realize, for the third time since Mount Moon, that Pokémon’s first generation had some excessively long treks with no healing available for ages. 663 more words