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Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese is just beautiful.. the heel is big enough to walk around for hours.. it is green and full of separate villas that had turned to museums, galleries and small cafes.  108 more words


Grandma Style

Monday’s are rough… no matter what. Having a cozy and fun outfit always makes the day a little more tolerable. We spent the weekend relaxing, hanging out with friends and eating out a lot. 57 more words


Yo-Yo Weather

We’re going to Hamilton! An American Musical on Wednesday and I just don’t know what to wear. I went into the vacuum bags to look for something and ended up adding a few more things to the donate bag and bringing out my acid green velvet jacket. 172 more words


Coat of the Season: Go Oversized for under $200

With temperatures dropping and  fall in full swing,  coats are starting to make there ever so classy entrance into our fashion lives. Though there is an abundance of wonderful options, one of the biggest trends of the season is the oversized  coat.  181 more words


As grey as the sky.

От доста време не съм публикувал нищо, но когато светлината е подходяща и тоалета ти е на място, няма как да откажеш на фотографа си. Прав ли съм?!