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Under the cover of darkness a small boy, Maki, loosens the shackles that bind him and escapes into the desert night. Pursued by slavers across the moon-lit savannah, Maki meets Zarafa, a baby giraffe – and an orphan, just like him – as well as the nomad Hassan, Prince of the Desert.

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Zarafa |official US Release Trailer

Inspired by the true story of the first giraffe to visit France, Zarafa is a sumptuously animated and stirring adventure, and a throwback to a bygone era of hand-drawn animation and epic storytelling set among sweeping CinemaScope vistas of parched desert, wind-swept mountains and open skies


Indie Summer

It is once again a summer of sequels, remakes, reboots, explosions and superheroes at the cinema, and as always it’s all fun in moderation. Whilst we all know that generally speaking pizza is always better with more pizza, blockbuster cinema is always best when supplemented by a healthy intake of indie films. 399 more words


The Selinda Reserve: Two weeks in a rich wildlife territory, on the fringes of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World

The Dogcatcher was sitting idle, in Kasane on the northern Botswana border with Zimbabwe and Zambia, and it needed to return to roost in Franschhoek, some 2,400 kilometres across the central Kalahari. 236 more words


Designers: Should You Sell Your Business? (Part 1)

Over the years, many designers have been referred to us because they are considering the sale of a part or all of their business. This is probably the most difficult issue that a designer/entrepreneur will face during the life cycle of his or her enterprise. 684 more words

Business Law

Zarafa: Spectacle of the Giraffe, 1826 - 1839

     As a complement to the Salon series, “What Use is the Giraffe?” the exhibition Zarafa: Spectacle of the Giraffe, 1826-1839 documents the historical, political, and social/cultural influence of the Pasha of Egypt’s gift of a giraffe to King Charles X of France in 1826. 134 more words


Installing Zarafa on centos 6

Are you looking for a best alternative for Microsoft Exchange server?  Then Zarafa is the one you should try. Zarafa, previously known as Connectux, is a groupware application that provides an integration with your existing email server and Microsoft Outlook Access via a propriety client-side plugin. 797 more words