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Zareen Khan in Ritu Seksaria outfit

Zareen Khan posted a photo on her social media account wearing Ritu Seksaria royal blue anarkali. She wore her hair down.

She finished her look with dangling earrings and glossy makeup. 17 more words

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Zareen Khan and Sonnalli Seygall endorse Yoga!

Celebrity Fitness Expert Abbas Ali, who has been training Zareen Khan and Sonnalli Seygall for a while now, recently shot for a campaign endorsing Yoga as a way to to improve flexibility, agility and mental endurance. 78 more words

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Zareen Khan denies endorsing weight reduction drugs

Mumbai, May 19: Actress Zareen Khan has denied endorsing weight reduction capsules and says she can’t endorse something she does not imagine in.
“I can’t endorse one thing I don’t consider in. 18 more words

Roles Vol 3 (Zareen Khan) - Sajawat Creation

Sajawat creation presents Roles vol. 3 (Zareen Khan )

Fabric: Semi georgette
Singles 1350/- plus shipping

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Whatsapp: 8767788555 | Email: nivasafashion05@gmail.com 19 more words


RGV recreates the song 'Khallas' with Zareen Khan in 'Veerappan'!

Remember the song “Khallas” from Company?  Looks like that song has yet to become khallas (finished)!  Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is ready to bring the track back for his upcoming film… 404 more words

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Zareen Khan says no crash diets

క్రాష్ డైట్లు వద్దు!

జరీన్‌ఖాన్.. బాలీవుడ్‌లో కొన్ని చిత్రాల్లోనే నటించినా తన అందం, నటనతో గుర్తింపు పొందిన నటి. కెరీర్ కోసం అనేక కిలోల బరువు తగ్గిన ఈ సుందరి..continue

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Dirty Picture Project: Hate Story 3

We Hate This Hate Story Too!

By Aarushi Mahajan and Shweta Kabra

Here is a line from the movie to give you a trailer of what lies ahead: 1,293 more words

Dirty Picture Project