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Troxum // Gaia Omen

A spectrum of talents on display here. Troxum is born from a varied mix of influences, traveling from the ’70’s fantasy rock of Klaus Schulze, ’80s Tangerine Dream, ’90s SNES games and 21st-century dance floors. I likey. Big fucking time.


Beneath the Veil(2001)

Production Company: Independent Television News(ITN)


Synopsis: An undercover investigative documentary that examines the plight of women in Afghan society, since the  brutal stoning of 35 year old Zarmina by the Taliban in front of 30,000 gathered spectators in Kabul, Afghanistan. 35 more words

Afghanistan Poetry - A Short Paper from School

Though modern Afghanistan poetry differs from the classics, they are both significant to Afghanistan culture. Like the Buddha statue falling in Bamiyan, so did poetry in Afghanistan for quite some time. 848 more words


"Why Afghan Women Risk Death to Write Poetry" By ELIZA GRISWOLD

“On Doomsday, I will say aloud, 
I came from the world with my heart full of hope.”

_ Zarmina     a young Afghan Poet


Zarmina’s doomsday came too soon. 5,893 more words


The Daily Joel: Let's Start

While certain items warrant their own posts, The Daily Joel is a link dump of items that are still definitely worth looking at. Let’s start: 143 more words