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Ankara Thursday 23:07:2015

Hey fab fam!!!! I’m sure you’re tired of me going away for sometime then returning and apologizing *sigh* but I’ve just been totally uninspired for a while. 384 more words

The "faux" Freckles 

Hey fab fam!!! Uhg it’s been a while I know but I’m here and today it’s all about “The Freckles”… Okay so I’m literally obsessed with freckles and one night my obsession got out of hand as I was on the internet checking out beautiful women with freckles I decided to google “faux freckles” and voila! 340 more words


Good morning beautiful people.As I type this text,I am wrapped up in my blanket,with my cup of tea.It is rather a cold morning.So today,I have decided that I am going to show my favorite skin care and beauty finds. 431 more words

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Product Review: "ZARON" hyper blush

Hey fab fam….what’s up???………today I’m reviewing a new blush I got. I’d been looking for a really good everyday blush for a long time.

Somehow I stumbled on this blush. 192 more words

Ankara Thursday......07:05:2015

Hello fab fam….is it another Thursday or what???!!! Okay I know I owe an apology for missing last week’s Ankara Thursday post, I was going through a phase….I’m so sorry and I’m glad its over now…… 313 more words

Product Review: "ZARON" volumizing mascara

Hey fab fam….yeah I know its been a while..I’m so sorry I’ve been busy please forgive me…
Today I’m reviewing a new mascara I just got……for a while now I decided to stay of falsies because for some reason it pulled most of my natural lashes off, so I’d been searching for a good mascara. 132 more words

Ankara Thursday........ 23:04:2015

..hello fab fam,…what’s popping? Oh well its the sixth edition of Ankara Thursday…..whoop whoop..
Okay so first off this look is the most difficult look I’ve ever tried to do. 261 more words