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Mongol Thoughts Small Batch

If having a school vacation does just one thing, it turns my brain into mush. I could easily just not post this week, but I have been doing so well posting once a week that I would kick myself if I didn’t attempt to post something. 947 more words


Holiday (part 1)

I just had one of the best weeks of my life. A perfect holiday week.

My favourite thing about travel is learning about and being a part of other cultures which is what made last week one of the best of my life so far. 551 more words


Language Learning … and How it Still Kicks My #!@!%

So this past weekend we had a whirlwind Language IST. The first of its kind for post apparently. We were sent two amazing Mongolian Language teachers from UB , accompanied by our regional programmer and an official Peace Corps observer. 849 more words


Language IST and Second Site Visit

There had been rumors floating around for a while about a possible Language IST (like the regular IST I talked about a few posts back… 1,078 more words

Thanksgiving Thanks, Cleaning and School Work

This last week has been both chill and busy , busy with the important and non important stuff.

On Friday evening we had our Thanksgiving party at my place. 863 more words


Shopping and Camel Meat

So say I want food. Which is a daily occurrence for most, if not all of us. Where do I go ? What do I do? 1,045 more words


A Haircutting Ceremony and Some New Ideas

This past Friday, our good friend Mandy (short for Mandakhnar) invited all of the Peace Corps Volunteers in Zavkhan to her house for her sons hair cutting ceremony. 659 more words