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I Swear I Actually Do Work

I’ve become aware that many of my blog posts make it seem like I a) spend a lot of time away from site, or b) 853 more words

The Joys Leading Up To Reindeer Camp

Every summer, a group of PCVs from around Mongolia and a few Mongolian CPs from Huvsgul aimag take a trip up to the taiga in the far north of Huvsgul to visit and hold camps with the reindeer herders who live there. 1,061 more words

Holiday (Part 4)

Tsaagan Tsar finally arrived. We woke early (well 8am) and prepared the ger further before getting dressed in our deels (traditional dress).

The ladies did their makeup, the men shaved and we not so patiently waited for our first guests to arrive. 695 more words