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Bombshell: David Gergen's Elite Connections, His Attempt To Stop Trump

Source: NoMoreFakeNews.com
Jon Rappoport
November 27, 2016

Yes, he works for CNN. He’s operated as “White House advisor” to four presidents: Ford, Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton. 1,212 more words


Trilateral Commission 2016 membership includes the folks who rule America behind the scenes

Bill Clinton was a member in 2005. So was George Soros, George H. W. Bush, Madeleine Albright, Tom Foley, Charles Rangel, Dick Gephardt, Richard Perle, Henry… 5,556 more words


Video of the Week: Easier to Kill a Million People Than to Control a Million People

Ever wonder what the elites are really talking about when they get together, whether it be at the Bilderberg Group or at other closed door meetings the sycophants in the media never tell you details about? 654 more words

Video Of The Week

A Changing Region: Is Australia Prepared?

Zbigniew Brzezinski

By James O’Neill*

During the recent election campaign foreign policy received almost no attention, either from the two major political parties, or from the mainstream media ostensibly there to inform us of important events that might impinge on our national interests. 1,165 more words


Another Earthquake: Canada To Join China's Asia Infrastructure

Source: GizaDeathStar.com
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
September 6, 2016

There’s been another huge earthquake in the financial geopolitics of the globe according to this article shared by Mr. 633 more words


No More Grand Chessboard?

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
August 30, 2016

Many people shared this article, and it’s well worth pondering, as it seems the perpetually vowel-impaired Zbgnw Brzznsk is rethinking his grand chessboard idea: 692 more words


Brzezinski and the US national interest – a comment from Rome

by Giulietto Chiesa, Defend Democracy

In summary: separate Russia from China and set them against each other, persuading whichever of the two will agree to become a privileged partner of the US.  974 more words