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We didn’t push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would. – Zbigniew Brzezinski http://ift.tt/29sv20X

Zbigniew Brzezinski

BRICS Under Attack: Western Banks, Governments Launch Full-Spectrum Assault On Russia

by Eric Draitser, via Mintpressnews

The U.S.-NATO Empire, with its centers of power in Washington, on Wall Street, and in the city of London, is on the offensive against the BRICS countries. 2,278 more words


Washington and its allies created the Islamist Frankenstein

Washington and its allies created the Islamist Frankenstein with their own hands: over the decades radical Muslim ‘agents of destruction’ have formed the belt of instability which stretches across the MENA region to Central Asia and beyond. 1,194 more words


The Obamanation

The Obamanation:
 How One President
 Irreparably Destroyed
 The USA

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama
 Regarding the Unprecedented Number of Presidential Fiascos, Governmental Failures and Fabricated False Flag Operations During Your Presidency… 2,966 more words


Europe-Dominated Ruling Elite: US Dictatorship and the Anti-Russian Campaign

Introduction by Kennedy Applebaum
Quemado Institute
February 26, 2016

American investigative historian Eric Zuesse is a long-standing advocate of improved US foreign relations and an avid critic of the financial elite that dictates the anti-Russian policies of the West. 3,300 more words

Global Financial Elite

Techie's Diapers In A Twist Over Trump's Apple Remark

Source: NoMoreFakeNews.com
Jon Rappoport
January 20, 2016

Trump just said he’d force Apple to make their damn computers in America, and this raised a crib-howl from techies… 374 more words

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