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Jafar and Iago, Disney's Aladdin

I’ve been at this for quite a while, ups and downs. I had to put it on hold after my accident. I have decided to push myself with the Disney characters I do, not just studies but production ready characters. 43 more words

Digital Sculpting

Zbrush Project

The final project of the semester was to choose from a list of specific areas of animation, such as concept art, compositing, etc. I chose to do 3D sculpting, as it is an area I am very interested in and would love to practice and develop skills with. 1,213 more words


Check: Where Engineering Meets Art

I have the rare opportunity of frequently collaborating with our engineer, Lance Dettmer to complete design projects for clients that go beyond our singular skill sets. 390 more words


Final Renders

I wasn’t sure how to render in ZBrush so I looked up a quick tutorial on how to improve the appearance of your renders rather than taking a screenshot from the computer. 59 more words

Creative Strategies


This part honestly threw me off as I have retopologised a face a couple of times so I thought it won’t be that bad. The whole process took me over 8 hours to complete; around the same amount of time I spent on sculpting. 370 more words

Creative Strategies

Maya to ZBrush

I decided to block out my rat in Maya rather than sculpting it from scratch in ZBrush.

I modeled feet but  decided not to model paws to see if I can do it in ZBrush later and check which method is easier.After importing the model you simply turn it into a 3dPolyMesh which ZBrush will advise you to do anyways. 760 more words

Creative Strategies

Rat Research

Change in Models

It was initially daunting to start working on a brand new software so I honestly felt like I was avoiding the work for the longest time and struggled to make a dent in progress. 566 more words

Creative Strategies