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Arm Sculpt

Here is an arm i have been working on in Zbrush. It will be used in the game as the player model.

Game Dev

just playing

do you know this odd feeling after having finished a big project? you feel so excited to start something new, but also so timidated in view of it become again so demanding… sigh… well, i played just with the zmodeler, with no plans at all as it shows. 17 more words


Delayed a week due to illness.

So yeah I missed a week on posting, but I had a few complications with my leg and I also managed to pull both my right shoulder and right side muscles at the same time (probably due to me having to favour my right side so much whilst letting my left leg heal). 374 more words

3d Works

Imaginary asian head wip

Hi !

i’ve had some free-time to work on this during the weekend , setup my displacement and normal map , also painted the skin texture and my reflection map and did some loads of test renders, next will be my gloss/ roughness maps for better control and break the uniform look into it .


Sci-fi armor

I’ve been working on this sci-fi armor design for a bit and I’m finally “done”. Sculpted in zbrush and rendered with Cycles in Blender


Omniknight's Hammer


During the weekend, I was testing the new ZModeler and started a project: Dota2’s weapons.

I decided to go with Omniknight’s weapon because I wanted a blocky look to the weapon to test the Zmodeler tool so a hammer was the way to go and I started to sketch some hammer. 16 more words