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Banditos w.i.p

Current w.i.p of a Personal project based on Blizzard’s concept artist Trent Kaniuga.

3d Still Images

The best part of Friday, Danny Mac, 3 Hour Speed Sculpt

Catch it here on YouTube and here on Twitch. This week he’s working on Ariel, The Little Mermaid, with his own little twists. Stay Animated!


WIP-Fan Art04-PatoNegro Cruz, La Muerte Dijo Si

Just wanted to keep you guys updated on my progress, working on the block-in at the moment, but all in all, she’s coming along real nice like. Stay animated.


Fan Art 04-Patonegro Cruz

Yes, I’m about to get started on another fan art piece, this time from an amazing concept artist from Cuidad de Mexico, Mexico, Pantonegro Cruz. You can check out some of his awesome work over on his Artstation page here.┬áStay animated!


Friday 3 Hour Speed Sculpt- Danny Mac

Another Friday, looks like another great sculpt from Danny, check him on YouTube or Twitch.



When I think about art that inspires me I instantly think of the many high poly 3D models I have seen. These models inspire me most because they are what I wish to end up creating one day and what I try to create now. 156 more words