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OSD - 7 Days Eye Sculpting Summery

One Sculpt a Day – Eye Sculpting for a week

Eyes in my opinion is the hardest part of the face. It needs to be able to bring life but I simply couldn’t get it right and it’s frustrating. 93 more words

One Sculpt A Day

OSD - Day 14 Eye Sculpting

Day 14 – Eye Sculpting – 2017-10-16

References: Yes – Time Limit: 1hr – Total time spent: 1.5hrs

Still look weird to me.. Let’s leave it for now and continue to the next stage.

One Sculpt A Day

OSD - Day 13 Eye Sculpting

Day 13 – Eye Sculpting – 2017-10-15

Reference: Yes – Time Limit: No – Total Time Spent: 1.5hr

Haven’t post anything for 2 days but I’ve kept sculpting everyday >D… 25 more words

One Sculpt A Day

ZBrush Sculpt: Super-Secret Project

For an upcoming something

This will be one of my next physical sculpts in Monster Clay… but the reason shall remain a mystery, perhaps for some time…


OSD - Day 12 Eye Sculpting

Day 12 – Eye Sculpting – 2017-10-14

Reference: Yes – Time limit: 1hr – Total time spent: 1.5hr

Trying to give it some identity by making a smiling eyes. 13 more words

One Sculpt A Day

OSD - Day 11 Eye Sculpting

Day 11 – Eye Sculpting – 2017-10-13

Reference: Yes – Time limit: None – Total time spent: 1.5hr

Something’s off.. Not sure..

One Sculpt A Day

Mainstore Release!

Hi All!

ICONIC Vilayna is releasing in the Mainstore. This hair is dedicated to all the ladies who have that lovely tight natural curly hair. ICONIC Vilayna comes in 16 lovely hair colors, which is resizable. 18 more words

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