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My ZBrush Owl 3D Print Arrived!

So after finishing up my ZBrush sculpt of the owl, it took some time to get it printed. I initially tried to get it printed in porcelain, but unfortunately, my sculpt had some structural flaws, so I had to use a different material. 103 more words

3d Art

ZBrush Sculpt - Unnamed Girl

A 3D sculpt paintover I did in my free time.


Art Dump #95

This week on the Art Dump we’ve got some work in progress shots of the Ophidia.

First up is a pic from earlier in the week with him showing off his new snazzy buckles on his shoulder straps. 134 more words


I got back to this one and finally I can call it done. I decided to re-work a lot of it and take it all the way as a look dev piece. 15 more words


ZBrush, a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D/2.5D modelingtexturing and painting.is developed by Pixologic Inc. It’s used for developing highly detailed characters for movies, games and digital design projects. 221 more words