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"Mein Sohn und seine Väter" am 23.10.2016 um 20:15 im ZDF

“Substantielle Thematik mit erzählerischer Leichtigkeit”- Vorwort von Redakteurin Verena von Heereman

Der New Yorker Buchhändlerin Karen Wood (Julia Malik) lag vor 14 Jahren nichts ferner als der Gedanke an ein Designerbaby. 583 more words


Ф.Гюлен: «Ба Эрдуғон паёме надорам, аммо...»

Савол: Муҳтарам Гюлен! Дар Туркия аз замони кӯшиши табаддулот то ҳол нисбат ба ҷонибдорони Шумо як раванди поккорӣ роҳандозӣ шудааст. Масалан, зиёда аз 100 ҳазор омӯзгорон, судяҳо, кормандони ҳифзи ҳуқуқ аз кор ронда шуданд ва зиёда аз 20 ҳазор нафар ба маҳбас афтоданд.


Charges Dropped Against German Comedian Because He Wasn't Being Funny On Purpose

He was only being funny by accident, investigators say, so that’s OK.

If he had been funny while trying to be funny on purpose, however, this guy would have been up… 107 more words


Dreharbeiten "Die Chefin" ZDF // Shooting "Die Chefin"

Im Oktober starten die Dreharbeiten für die Langfilmauskopplung der ZDF Serie “DIE CHEFIN” – Martin Schnippa übernimmt für den 90 Minüter die Episodenrolle JENS STÖHR. Regie: Michael Schneider, Produktion: Network Movie, Casting: Sandra Köppe… 35 more words

Martin Schnippa

Generation War Part 1

Generation War (German: Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter, literally “Our mothers, our fathers”) is a German World War II TV miniseries in three parts.

It was commissioned by public broadcasting organization ZDF, produced by the UFA subsidiary TeamWorx, and first aired in Germany and Austria in March 2013. 95 more words

Modern History

Worst Witch to Return to Television with Game of Thrones' Lyanna Mormont

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

The Worst Witch will be making its return in a fresh new series on Netflix. The series is based on the books by acclaimed children’s author… 361 more words