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Singapore Smart Nation initiative is slow because government & private sector top management can't work fast enough

Update 19/6/2016: spelling/grammer corrections, clarification of opinion & headers to make for easier reading

I’ve just read this piece at ZDNet titled “Singapore needs mindset change for smart nation success. 989 more words


Turnbull sets aside AU$80m for senior digital literacy and women in STEM

If reelected on Saturday, the Coalition will invest AU$50 million to help improve senior Australians’ digital literacy, alongside AU$192 million for mental health reforms, and AU$31.2 million to increase support for women in STEM fields. 445 more words

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Two Leading Enterprise Tech Trade Publications Feel The Love For BlackBerry Devices

ZDNet and InfoWorld are two of the most popular publications aimed at CIOs, IT managers and other enterprise decision-makers. So when their journalists weigh in on why they love BlackBerry devices, IT listens. 546 more words


Shodan: showcasing lack of IoT security

Charlie Osborne has an article in ZDNet about Shodan a search engine focused on non-existant security IoT:

Internet of Things security is so bad, there’s a search engine for sleeping kids | Ars Technica…

144 more words

Someone Else Reads the Fine Print: Amazon Cloud Drive

In my presentation of Preservation is Forever, I discussed the fine print that was buried in the terms of service for many online photo services. 150 more words


Amazon Gives You...Data Leaks

There is nothing like starting the holiday season knowing that your account information may have been compromised.  According to a report on Tuesday morning from… 48 more words


Germans extend tech help to refugees

If you are looking for good news about the refugee crisis, you can’t do much better than a story about ordinary people using their skills to help others.   130 more words