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​Review asks for tighter Medicare card privacy controls from Human Services | ZDNet

Moving the authentication platform, educating citizens, and stricter privacy controls were among the steps recommended to the Department of Human Services by a review into heath providers’ access to the Health Professional Online Services system. 13 more words


sh** zdnet says...

ive paid fleeting attention to the kind of corporate fanboy drivel that comes out of zdnet for at least a decade. it never gets better, people that know what theyre talking about probably realise how ridiculous it is, but zdnet is a bit like an old print magazine thats 90% adverts– 593 more words

Former ASIO head questions why political parties are exempt from breach disclosure | ZDNet

Political parties are exempt from Australia’s looming data breach notification laws, but David Irvine, former head of ASIO, wants to know why.

Source: Former ASIO head questions why political parties are exempt from breach disclosure | ZDNet


Cuts could threaten Australia's cyberscience future | ZDNet

Australia is investing in short-term cyber technology goals, but what about longer-term strategic investments?

Source: Cuts could threaten Australia’s cyberscience future | ZDNet


Supporting digital trade a key element of Australia's cyber diplomacy: Feakin | ZDNet

Australia intends to take advantage of the region’s “booming economy” in cybersecurity, for itself and its friends, according to Ambassador for Cyber Affairs Dr Tobias Feakin. 29 more words


Government urges industry piracy code under new regulations | ZDNet

Australia’s carriage service providers (CSPs) have been asked by the federal government to voluntarily help develop a code for online access to copyright content under new draft regulations. 10 more words