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Hackers stole information from 1.7 million Imgur accounts in 2014

(Source: www.theverge.com)

If you were an Imgur user in 2014, you might want to consider changing your password. Yesterday, the photo-sharing site revealed (via… 122 more words


Android crackdown on misuse of accessibility services

ZDnet: Android security: Google cracks down on apps that want to use accessibility services

Danny Palmer: “Measure would prevent feature designed for aiding disabled users from being abused by malicious apps — but could force changes for popular apps, too.”

David Harley


ZDNet reviews Apple's iPhone X: The best smartphone

”For the past week, I’ve used a silver iPhone X provided by Apple. There’s a lot to like, and some not to like about the iPhone X,” Jason Cipriani writes for ZDNet. 567 more words


ZDNet's Miller: After 10 days with Apple's iPhone X, it's clear it's the best smartphone. Period.

”The Apple iPhone X puts a device in my hand that seems to melt into my hand with a large 5.8 inch display in a form factor that is one of the smallest of any modern flagship,” Matthew Miller writes for ZDNet. 586 more words


RBA wants banks involved in Australian government digital identity solution | ZDNet

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has told the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue that it wants to see Australia’s banks involved with building out the federal government’s digital identity solution, Govpass, as online banking is considered a better digital experience than the government’s contentious myGov portal. 12 more words


​Review asks for tighter Medicare card privacy controls from Human Services | ZDNet

Moving the authentication platform, educating citizens, and stricter privacy controls were among the steps recommended to the Department of Human Services by a review into heath providers’ access to the Health Professional Online Services system. 13 more words


Australians made over 2,000 privacy complaints to Commissioner in 2016-17 | ZDNet

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner received 2,494 privacy-related complaints during the 12-month period.

Source: Australians made over 2,000 privacy complaints to Commissioner in 2016-17 | ZDNet