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Verdandi Brainstorming - Brachy is Good Now?

Note: Now that the Brachy uevo is out, I’m bumping this post in hopes that someone finds it useful.

I quickly dismissed the new starter uevos as useless wastes of rare evo mats, but Brachy may be an exception, especially if you use a Verdandi or have a few of her as friends. 321 more words

Puzzle & Dragons

Hello world!

Even though it is already so late at night, and I am horribly sleep deprived, yet the “HELLO WORLD” totally cheered me up. :)
Inspiration really does strike when you least expect it to. 846 more words



How often do the waves feel the shore..?
How often does the rebel resist death’s cruel blows…?
I am constantly striving against concrete,
bewildered and crushed by what I can’t ever see. 94 more words


Dominus Historiae: Part III

Continuing my review of Jean Daniélou’s The Lord of History from here.

Daniélou has by this point given us a fairly extensive theology of history. 4,698 more words




I am here because I want to change my life. I have the potential. I want to learn. Have been depressed and unproductive for a long time now. 78 more words

Doctrine and Zeal

Some denominations of Christianity are characterized as being strong doctrinally, but the closest they can get to being zealous for God is a half-raised hand in a worship service. 143 more words


"Betwixt the Two?

Date: 04-12-15

The Big Idea: Burn in my soul a passion to please You in and through what I say and do.

My Thoughts: Lifestyle worshiper, are you betwixt the two? 440 more words

Spiritual Hunger