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I remember being eight and travelling down with my parents and my older brother, Ethan to our native hometown in Enugu for the Christmas holidays. 2,141 more words


Life is beautiful!

Going berserk is not the solution, but to wait with patience is…

Cope with all the cacophony of voices, bustling from every corner—friends, family, colleagues; asking you to ‘let go’. 185 more words

How to use ZealLookup plugin for Eclipse

Zeal is an offline documentation browser which can be used to lookup help for most popular libraries and APIs. The ZealLookup plugin (also called ZealEclipsePlugin… 166 more words

ZE(best place in the world)AL

I used to hate coffee. It was the grossest and most overrated thing to ever exist in my old eyes. As my lifestyle changed though, the things that became important to me also changed. 781 more words


The Jealousy of God

The best explanation of God’s love for us is found in understanding the jealousy of God. God’s jealousy is not that of a capricious nature, but something that demonstrates the level of Divine commitment God has made to us in His covenant through His Son, Jesus. 317 more words


May 20, geraniums.

My Mom loved geraniums.   Everywhere we lived,  there always seemed to be geraniums popping up — the result of my mother’s efforts, of course.  369 more words

Month Of May