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The Three Weeks: A Time of Mourning--but Also Pride

A few days ago, with the Fast of the 17th of Tammuz, the period of the Jewish year known as the Three Weeks began. Technically lasting 22 days most of the time (23 this year because fasts that fall on Saturday are pushed off to Sunday, this is a sad period, during with we commemorate many tragedies that have befallen us over the centuries, culminating in the Fast of the 9th of Av, on which we primarily mourn the destruction of both the First and Second Temples. 776 more words

Chapter 7, Notes

The Calling of Matthew is the first event of the Gospels that is imagined in the novel: for this is obviously the first time that we can have Matthew meet Jesus. 576 more words


For the love of God, let's protect the earth

Please note: Today’s We Run and Ride addresses at some length and depth the theological issues driving cultural conflicts in this era. This reflects, but is not an excerpt, the work of a book I’m writing titled Sustainable Faith. 4,363 more words

Christopher Cudworth

Chapter 1, Notes

Chapter 1 of “The Gospel According to the Romans” introduces key factors regarding the social structure and day-to-day environment of 1st century Palestine: Palestine was a province of the Roman Empire and, as such, was under the military occupation of a Roman Legion. 233 more words


TOP COP skirts the law

People in government who claim to answer to a ‘higher power’ are zealots. They don’t feel bound by human made laws. It makes one wonder why such a person would aspire to be Top Cop in the nation’s Top Law Enforcement Agency.


Palm Sunday: the Prelude to the Crucifixion

Today is Palm Sunday. This is the day we celebrate the “triumphal entry” of Jesus into the City of Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Many hundreds of thousands were gathered in Jerusalem for the coming Passover, and John tells us that the people were focused on Jesus because of crowd spreading the word that he had risen Lazarus from the dead just days before. 1,512 more words


Did Jesus ever have other dreams?

Did Jesus ever have other dreams? Of getting married, having children, looking after his Mother in her old age, having his own or continuing his Dad’s carpentry business? 139 more words