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An Overview of the Zealot Movement and 12 Key Leaders (PDF Format)

Below I have provided a 32 page downloadable PDF of a study titled, “An Overview of the Zealot Movement and 12 Key Leaders.” I believe this information is valuable not only for understanding Jewish history around the time of Christ, but also for a better understanding of: 160 more words


Can Reasonable People Carry Guns?

This year, I think I’m going to get myself a handgun, and I kind of want to take the extra step and get my concealed-carry license (CCW).  857 more words


Rome's Arch of Titus

Original source: TomatoBubble

This is a very enlightening piece by M. King at Tomato Bubble. Let me give a few lines and you can read the rest… 127 more words


the flow
of companions

the run
of explorers

the hallway
of queer’kies

the momentum
of zealots

it’s you

Philosophy Of Jos

On the face of it.

Signpost for Sunday 22 October, 2017: Exodus 33.12-23; Psalm 99; 1 Thess 1.1-10; Matt 22.15-22.

The face of God is a very difficult proposition. The Roman Emperors claimed some sort of divinity, and their images were on the coins they issued. 454 more words

September 7, 70 The Jewish-Roman Wars

Built under the reign of King Solomon in the 10th century BC, Solomon’s Temple was the first holy temple in ancient Jerusalem.  According to Rabbinic sources the temple stood on part of the Temple Mount, also known as Mount Zion, for 410 years, before being sacked and burned to the ground by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II, in 587 BC.So important is this event to the Jewish people that it is commemorated still as the saddest day of the Jewish calendar.   755 more words

Idea #15: Game 'Zealots'

This is will be an idea for a game, and I’ve named it Zealots.

I always had the feeling that our sports (eg. basketball, soccer..) don’t really follow our level of technological refinement. 828 more words