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New Nikibiki animal antics tights

Zebra stripes or leopard spots – which is your style of footless legwear?

Hold the Nikibiki zebra-print thick, footless tights  |  Condition: brand new  | 108 more words


A question of stripes

One of my greatest skills is what could be defined as “attention to (silly) detail”. I mean this in the sense that I am able to, for example, pick up a spelling mistake in any kind of text almost without reading it! 1,024 more words

Seen And Read

My Daughter's Birthday Cake

So, I have been really getting into cake decorating lately.  I haven’t ran the specific numbers yet, but I’m pretty sure I spend less on a home decorated cake than I would a store bought one, at the very least I’m breaking even. 1,303 more words


The Plights of The Maverick

I thought that I’d be different
I thought that I’d be cool
I hated my plain old brown hair
I thought I’d dye it blue… 133 more words


Why do zebras have stripes?

This post is by way of direct quotes from a recent item on the ScienceDaily website together with, at the end, two brief comments on why even this apparently trivial research is significant. 411 more words

No, zebra stripes not for camouflage

Contrary to the century-old notion that stripes seen on zebras offer certain kind of camouflaging protection against predators, a study has found that they are quite unlikely to do so. 541 more words


Today Is NET Cancer Awareness Day: Bring Out Your Inner Zebra!

The skeptical cardiologist is aware of this awareness day because he has a NET cancer.

In 2013 I experienced progressive weakness and shortness of breath. 422 more words