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How Do You Get a Messy Zebra to Change Her Stripes? (11/5/15)

Answer?  Have the messy zebra fall in love with a military zebra with pretty, neat, stripes.  :)

I’m 39 (as my slightly younger partner loves to remind me!) and was born messy.  2,132 more words

Zebra Stripes--Part 2 (3-23-16)

I wanted to update my blog on the progress since one of my first posts: How do you get a zebra to change its stripes. 1,810 more words

Zebra stripes


I bought these zebra trousers in 2015, so it’s taken a while to build up the courage to wear them. 111 more words

The Mystery of Zebra Stripes Solved

Listen to an extended version of the full interview in the video below:

The mystery of zebra stripes has long been a subject of debate, at least since the days of Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. 818 more words

2 Zebra Dove

This is Zebra Dove, it has a light bluish beak and zebra stripes