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Why do zebras have stripes?

This post is by way of direct quotes from a recent item on the ScienceDaily website together with, at the end, two brief comments on why even this apparently trivial research is significant. 411 more words

No, zebra stripes not for camouflage

Published in The Hindu on January 24, 2016

Contrary to the century-old notion that stripes seen on zebras offer certain kind of camouflaging protection against predators, a study has found that they are quite unlikely to do so. 535 more words



Do you have a photoshoot soon and have no idea what you want? How about stripes, 60 more words


Today Is NET Cancer Awareness Day: Bring Out Your Inner Zebra!

The skeptical cardiologist is aware of this awareness day because he has a NET cancer.

In 2013 I experienced progressive weakness and shortness of breath. 422 more words

Oops, I got bored of my mirror

Today was like every other normal summer vacation day: sitting on the couch, watching Pretty Little Liars, and simultaneously scrolling through Pinterest. As Pinterest usually does to me, I got the urge to redecorate my room. 264 more words