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Podcast Ep 18. Why Do We Care About Emerging Contaminants?

As the Director of the Great Lakes Genomics Center in the School of Freshwater Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Professor Rebecca Klaper researches emerging contaminants such as nanomaterials and pharmaceuticals and how they affect freshwater organisms. 117 more words


NUS’ glowing fish goes places

(Source: news.nus.edu.sg)

GloFish is available in a variety of colours including purple (Photo: GloFish.com)

Almost 20 years after NUS Biological Sciences Professor Gong Zhiyuan first inserted a fluorescent jellyfish gene into zebrafish, the technology behind the iridescent fish is going places, most recently culminating in the sale of the US company behind GloFish, the first transgenic pet fish, for… 669 more words


Temperature-Adapted Zebrafish Membranes Show Their Stripes

Organisms that do not maintain a constant body temperature must have some mechanism to adapt their physiological functions in order to survive at a range of temperatures.   322 more words

Biophysical Society

Microinjection of zebrafish embryos

Microinjection is a key method in manipulating zebrafish embryos. It is used to introduce substances into the zebrafish embryo to alter gene expression. With that it is one of the most common methods taught in practical courses in zebrafish labs. 480 more words


Phototoxicity: The unspoken truth about live imaging

“Are the answers to biological questions obtained via live fluorescence microscopy substantially affected by phototoxicity?” This is the question posed by Philippe Laissue et al… 1,593 more words

Cell Biology

A Snapshot of Science: Zebrafish, Steroid Replacements, and Much More

We wanted to share some recent Mass General research that has been published in high impact, top-tier journals. This is just a small snapshot of the incredible research that takes place at Mass General each day — there’s lots more to find at… 638 more words

Research Roundup: Chimpanzees with Alzheimer's, mice with autism, the shrinking bat genome and more

Welcome to this week’s Research Roundup. These Friday posts aim to inform our readers about the many stories that relate to animal research each week. Do you have an animal research story we should include in next week’s Research Roundup? 778 more words