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Why the tiny zebrafish can teach us a lot about the human immune system

A 2011 report from the European Union showed that 80 percent of animals used for experimental or other scientific­ purposes were rodents such as mice and rats. 875 more words


The art of knowing when to stop ...the staining.

This article was inspired by a friend, who only recently got into the “Colorimetric in situ hybridization on sections” business.Most of the following aspects can also be applied to colorimetric in situs for whole mounts. 835 more words

In Situ Hybridization

Funny PhD hat

When somebody is defending his or her PhD thesis in Germany, colleagues and friends honor their time together, by presenting the new PhD with a hat, decorated with memorabilia and pictures from their time in the lab. 608 more words


The zebrafish, and the other zebrafish

Zebrafish are often used as a model organism for in vivo brain imaging, because they are transparent. Or at least that is what many people think who do not work with zebrafish. 241 more words

Calcium Imaging

Science Pub 2016

A few evenings ago I gave a “science pub” talk — part of a long-running series of public presentations that the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry runs at several sites in the state. 512 more words

Science (general)

Imaging Colorimetric WISH in Fish

It might be out of your hands, which microscopes you have available in your lab, but there are a number of things you can influence to obtain good images.   601 more words

In Situ Hybridization