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in situ Journal Club -RNA FISH

Detection and signal amplification in zebrafish RNA FISH

While I was researching more on the topic of in situ hybridization, I came across this paper from Giselbert Hauptmann, Gilbert Lauter and Iris Soell, published in the journal Methods in January 2016… 645 more words

In Situ Hybridization

Double Whole Mount Colorimetric in situ Hybridization on Zebrafish embryos

There are a number of protocols for single whole mount in situ hybridization on zebrafish larvae available. Here I describe, how to do double colorimetric in situ hybridization in whole mount zebrafish. 1,975 more words

In Situ Hybridization

Zebrafish heart regeneration

Zebrafish are model organism used in Biomedical Science. One of the used is to observe how the cellular and molecular processes influence their regeneration.

An interesting thing is that the fin can regenerate. 233 more words

Spatial visualization of temporal components for neuronal activity imaging

The standard analysis workflow for neuronal activity imaging based on calcium signals is to 1) draw ROIs around putative neurons, 2) extract the average fluorescence time trace of this ROI, 3) work with this timetrace for subsequent analysis (principal components, correlations between neuronal timetraces, tuning, etc). 422 more words

Calcium Imaging

WEEK 13: APRIL 4th-8th

This week I completed a week of work experience

Zebrafish. I’ll be dreaming about those little swimmy buggers for weeks.

When I met the manager of a research technician’s department last month on a first aid course, I oh-so-casually managed to blag a week of work experience. 719 more words