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Spatial visualization of temporal components for neuronal activity imaging

The standard analysis workflow for neuronal activity imaging based on calcium signals is to 1) draw ROIs around putative neurons, 2) extract the average fluorescence time trace of this ROI, 3) work with this timetrace for subsequent analysis (principal components, correlations between neuronal timetraces, tuning, etc). 422 more words

Calcium Imaging

WEEK 13: APRIL 4th-8th

This week I completed a week of work experience

Zebrafish. I’ll be dreaming about those little swimmy buggers for weeks.

When I met the manager of a research technician’s department last month on a first aid course, I oh-so-casually managed to blag a week of work experience. 719 more words


Snapshots of Life: Fish Awash in Color

If this image makes you think of a modern art, you’re not alone. But what you’re actually seeing are hundreds of live cells from a tiny bit (0.0003348 square inches) of skin on the tail fin of a genetically engineered adult zebrafish. 609 more words


Uptake and accumulation of polystyrene microplastics in zebrafish (Danio rerio) and toxic effects in liver

Microplastics have become an emerging contaminant and caused widespread concern about its potential toxic effects. In this study, the uptake and tissue accumulation of polystyrene microplastics (PS-MPs) in zebrafish were detected, as well as the toxic effects in liver were investigated. 131 more words


Development: Integration of CNS vasculature in zebrafish

Transgenic zebrafish experiments show that brain and spinal blood systems, which develop separately, integrate through the basilar artery and vertebral arteries, and this connection is not dependent on blood flow. 771 more words