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Regenerative medicine – Panacea or hype?

Author: Kaitlin Weskamp

Editors: Brittany Dixon, Zuleirys Santana Rodriguez, Scott Barolo

Zebrafish may not look impressive, but they can do something that no human can: regenerate large portions of organs that are damaged or lost. 962 more words


Research involving zebrafish could lead to new treatments for epilepsy

Looking for new treatments for epilepsy?  Start with zebrafish. That’s the approach being taken at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

Dr. Deborah Kurrasch is the first in Canada to bioengineer the fish to mimic pediatric epilepsy. 141 more words



As a kid growing up in the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area, I didn’t get a lot of firsthand experience with animals – mostly just the neighborhood pets and maybe a bold raccoon every once in awhile. 1,218 more words

Fish Are Friends

Ever wondered where your blood comes from?

We all find out at a pretty young age what our blood is: often due to unfortunate incidents as toddlers involving overambitious attempts to run/jump/climb over household objects twice our height. 891 more words

MRC Molecular Haemtology Unit

Indian researchers turn to zebrafish to study microvillus inclusion disease

Indian researchers have finally found an ideal animal model to study microvillus inclusion disease (MVID) that may affect children born out of consanguineous marriages and to screen potential drugs to treat the disease. 578 more words


Whole-cell patch clamp, part 1: introductory reading

Ever since I my interested in neuroscience become more serious, I was fascinated by the patch clamp technique, especially applied for the whole cell. Calcium imaging or multi-channel electrophysiology ( 609 more words

Calcium Imaging

Why the tiny zebrafish can teach us a lot about the human immune system

A 2011 report from the European Union showed that 80 percent of animals used for experimental or other scientific­ purposes were rodents such as mice and rats. 875 more words

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