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The Corona Diaries - Day 106

Back at the beginning, a death toll of 126 seemed a lot. Sadly, it doesn’t now. 352 new cases yesterday (plus however many untested). I have no faith in any of the figures they are pumping out! 374 more words


Traffic - You Can All Join In

In these days of division and hatred, where race is being used by politicians to gain votes and racism still hasn’t been properly addressed, it’s good to hear Traffic singing this. 38 more words


Today's Music to keep me SANE in Isolation - Traffic

I’m 105 days in, choosing, a different band every day, and the quality hasn’t diminished!

Traffic were a superb band. I particularly like the first two albums. 80 more words


Poetry - A New National Anthem

Well, we have to have something better that God Save the bloody Queen, something rousing, something that reflects the strength of equality and diversity, something that encompasses the beauty of nature and the spirit of our people. 313 more words


Poetry - Mystical Music

Mystical Music


Sometimes, when the drum and bass drive

Into a churning beat,

When the guitars weld to become one

In interweaving unity.

Then that’s it! 74 more words


The Corona Diaries - Day 105

This is a long time to be isolated. I think the weight of it has an impact on our psychology. There must be an underlying tension that I’m not even aware of. 316 more words


Kuala Lumpur - Monkeys at the Batu Caves - Photos

I do very much like the way Hindus encourage nature. The monkeys are welcome in the holiest areas. They are fed and respected. I like that. 31 more words