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Honduras: Dare Anyone Criticize?

By Fulton Armstrong

The decision last week by the Constitutional Chamber of the Honduran Supreme Court to legalize presidential reelection appears to have benefited a man – current President Juan Orlando Hernández – whose political fortunes got a shot in the arm from the 2009 coup that removed President Mel Zelaya for proposing a constitutional assembly to consider just such an action.  575 more words

Obama Administration

Call Off Pentagon Dogs!

I’ve backpacked my way through 50 countries over the past 20 years, many of them on numerous occasions. After the 2008 elections, I booked us a series of one-ways that went Newark-Dublin-Abu Dhabi-Johannesburg-Katmandu-Bangkok-overland to Kuala Lumpur-Vancouver. 797 more words

Dean Henderson

Go for 100% freedom from aggression and theft but take what you can get.

Tom Bell said he is “cautiously optimistic”. With the kind of hell that the world-government-statist control freaks put Honduras through in 2009 when they rebelled against their program, you can’t blame them for wanting to go under the radar. 299 more words