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Zelda Week #4- Books of Legend of Zelda


Books of Legend of Zelda

Let me clarify that I mean books within the video game(s) or the universe and not say books like the non-cannon Comics, or the cannon info book Hyrule Historia despite them being pretty cool. 1,026 more words


Score Devlog #4

Hairpin and dynamic positioning shenanigans.


Olympic Feelings/Art, Zelda-inspired


Going with my recent Legend of Zelda anniversary-obsession, here are some Zelda-Olympics fusions. 


Episode 79: Summer Newb's Feed

The trio is now a mighty foursome?!?!?! Scared…you should be! We are back after our summer break to hit you up with the Summer Newb’s Feed edition of all the latest gaming news. 33 more words


Super Nintendo 25th Anniversary

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the U.S. debut of the Super Nintendo. It launched on August 23, 1991. It was the first console I could call my own and instead of talking about all of the best games, like millions of other sites have done time and time again, I decided to focus on the games I grew up with. 108 more words

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The Weekly Bite: 15th - 21st August

Hold up! It’s the next instalment of the Weekly Bite. Yes ladies and gentlemen get ready for another weekly recap of the gaming news and events that have been doing the rounds these last 7 days.  1,022 more words

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DNA Pow Block Episode 8 - Nintendo NX's Place in Gaming Culture

Ed, Corey, and Special Guest from TEAMN3RD Kyle talk about how NX will function as a console and how it will fit in the crowded space with Xbox One and PS4, specs, and controllers.

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