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Yahaha you find me T-shirt

“Yahaha you find me” – Korogu of The legend of zelda

Apparel, cases and skins, home decoration, wall art and much more on sale on: 62 more words

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Scrapbook of the Wild #4: The First Divine Beast

To start at the beginning of the journey, go here.

In the fourth chapter, I finally come face to face with one of the Divine Beasts I’ve heard so much about. 167 more words

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Scrapbook of the Wild #3: The Island and the Dragon

To start at the beginning of the journey, go here.

This time, I find myself an unexpected castaway on a perilous island, and later on I encounter something truly horrific… 221 more words


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – a review

Another Thursday, another review, but my brain won’t co-operate. Not because I don’t know what to review, but because I’m uninspired.

At the end of April, I posted… 367 more words


Scrapbook of the Wild #2: Road to Hateno

To start at the beginning of the journey, go here.

In chapter two, I depart Kakariko Village with the goal of taking the “long way” to Hateno Village. 220 more words


QotM*: Empire Building

*Question of the Month is some blueberries on meringue with ice cream served on a sunny day by Later Levels

As I sit here on the triple throne of Green Hill Zone, The Mushroom Kingdom, and Hyrule, I’d like to take a moment to recount for you the story of how I came to acquire this power. 2,509 more words


Returning Again to Jerusalem...The Benefit of Not Knowing the End from the Beginning - 1 Nephi 7:1-5

Read 1 Nephi 7:1-5 here.

Context and General Information

  • After Lehi finished prophesying, the Lord spake to Lehi – He wasn’t supposed to take his family into the wilderness alone, but that his children would need people to marry so thy could raise up seed unto the Lord.
  • 1,646 more words