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Zelda: The Wand Of Gamelon: The Review

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In 1993, Nintendo made the inexplicable decision to license The Legend of Zelda to Phillips Media, creators of the CD-i. Among the resulting games is Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. 1,250 more words


My Personal Problem with BOTW and it's Design

Short rant incoming.

Okay so Breath of the the wild is an amazing game. However, one problem I see is its enemies. No, not the variety. 317 more words


Kingdom Hearts: The Game that Really got me Hooked

Now, when I say “The Game that Hooked Me” I don’t mean that Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts was the first game I ever played, however I do mean that this game and its successors were the first games to really have me coming home from school and playing nonstop and looking forward to every moment of free time my 10-year-old self could get. 462 more words


Zelda Encyclopedia Heading To North America April 2018

Earlier this year, Zelda fans in Japan were graced with the Legend Of Zelda Encyclopedia. Dark Horse Comics are finalizing the western localization for the Encyclopedia and a release window has been given for North America, April 2018. 75 more words


Zelda's Hyrule Historia Gets A Follow-Up Encyclopedia

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Nintendo’s partnership with publisher Dark Horse has already brought us two outstanding volumes, Hyrule Historia and Art & Artifacts. Next April the “Goddess Collection” gets its third and final volume in The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia, a comprehensive guide to the series from the first game to Twilight Princess HD. 136 more words


Free Zelda DLC Coming To Monster Hunter Stories September 28

Nintendo of Europe has today announced via Twitter that free Zelda DLC is coming to Monster Hunter Stories on 3DS. The add-on pack launches September 28 and with it comes a number of items that all fit into Monster Hunter Stories’ more cartoony visual style. 46 more words


Rin's Room #33: Top 5 LoZ Games

Breath of the Wild has been experiencing a lot of success in the past year, which is good news to me since I’m an avid… 897 more words

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