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Anodyne Review: Young At Heart

Anodyne is an adventure game that has the style of Zelda and the heart of Golvellius. This 16-Bit throwback pays homage to the beauty that made those games so great. 1,645 more words


I'll Always Love the Legend of Zelda

One of my first memories of playing video games was sitting on the carpet with my friends while we took turns playing Super Mario Cart. I remember the ease with which I made turns, hopped over puddles, and the ways we laughed whenever we ran into the moles that appeared in a couple of the levels. 1,351 more words


Throwback thursday

My first ever throwback post. And for this I have chosen to share this picture:

It’s of my dogs Zelda and Oracle in September 2016. As you can see Zelda is just a little puppy. 66 more words


Time to Say: Fuck Nintendo!

Remember how Nintendo always pretends to guise the clothes of the only consumer-friendly company in a world of sharks? Well FUCK THAT!

First of all, yes. 500 more words

Gaming These Days ...

Missing Zelda @ Wasteland Recovery Party 

I would just like to start by saying that I did not belong there. I was working on collecting every single korok seed in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on a Saturday afternoon when I got the text from my friend: “Hey, remember that thing in LA that I told you about yesterday? 1,455 more words


Tattoo Wishlist

Let me start off this post with a note to my parents: No, I didn’t go get a tattoo without telling you.

I’m fascinated by tattoos, but I don’t think I would ever actually get one. 762 more words