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Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s brand new home console is upon us. I have written quite a bit about the Switch these past few days. I have already written one blog post about… 942 more words


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch trailer

Look at this breath taking trailer for Breath of the Wild, which launches along with the console on March 3rd. The plot details are not forthcoming but the trailer hints at elements of time (I would be hesitant to say time-travel will play a part in the game) and a kingdom lost. 134 more words

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The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess

Date Completed : October 24, 2016

I had been thinking about re-playing Twilight Princess and then BOOM! HD remake!  What wonderful timing!  I think Nintendo has implanted some sort of eavesdropping device in my brain so they can always provide me with what I want, when I want it.   418 more words


Infinite Respawns / Rise & Shine #1

Infinite Respawns

Link, erm, his likeness may or may not die a gruesome, terrible death in this first episode of Rise & Shine. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Ocarina of Time - session 9

B – I started looking for heart pieces because you won’t let me forget how much I need heart pieces – if not for the next temple, then for the next (and despite what you think, I do listen). 1,292 more words


My take on the Nintendo Switch

Ever since the big Nintendo presentation last thursday, all anyone is talking about is the Switch and the high hopes they have for the hybrid console. 548 more words


Five Unanswered Questions Regarding the Nintendo Switch

Anyone excited for the Nintendo Switch? I know I am! The house that Mario built just had their big event relaying to the press and gamers all over the world regarding the Nintendo Switch. 1,590 more words

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