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Zelda U and Twilight Princess HD Are Listed on Famitsu’s Most Wanted

As you may know, Famitsu’s most wanted list has contained two Zelda-related games for a while now: Zelda U and Hyrule Warriors Legends. Now Legends has launched in Japan, so naturally it has to be taken off the list.

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Daily Blog Challenge: February 10th

Today’s Theme: Easiest LoZ Game

My opinion might be a little skewed so allow me to define “easiest” to me. I do not mean the game I die the least, or game I’d recommend to beginners. 173 more words

Few more screenshots for Twilight Princess HD 

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD is less than a month away.

Every now and the official twitter page updates with new updates regarding the game mechanics, screenshots, video and more so be sure to check it out daily! 18 more words


Daily Blog Challenge: January 9th

Today’s Theme: Hardest Zelda Game

I find the Zelda game’s relatively easy and only one game even sticks out to me as being even remotely hard. 142 more words

Malo Talks A Little About Zelda Twilight Princess HD

Malo is back on Twitter and this time the fictional character once again had a few more details to share regarding the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD… 94 more words


Twilight Princess Manga

For many of us that like to read manga, well The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has started a weekly publishing just yesterday Feb 8th. This manga will be available in Japan exclusively for publisher… 66 more words

Daily Blog Challenge: January 8th

Today’s Theme: What Item would I want to be real?

Another huge defining aspect of the series is the items. Obviously some are real like the bow and arrow and bombs. 178 more words