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The Legend of Zelda: The Silver Lining

I never thought I’d actually be posting anything in this WordPress blog, since I use my account almost exclusively for commenting on other people’s posts. But today I’ve got something to say that I’d like to say somewhere, and I don’t think I’d be able to say it anywhere else. 1,745 more words


an open letter to nintendo

First off, let me congratulate you on still being around. As a company, I mean. You’ve been around since 1889, and that’s no small feat. Many companies have gone under or been bought-out or became subsidiaries of other companies in half the time you’ve been around. 897 more words

W/r/t Life

Geek Fuel March 2015 Unboxing

Today’s post is a bit behind due to having to go to the dentist this morning; having a tooth pulled really works up an appetite. I’ve never wanted pizza more than I do now simply because I can’t have it. 684 more words

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9th day of The Legend of Zelda Challenge 

9. What is the easiest boss you have battled?

I would have to say Gohma, from Twilight Princess. I didn’t die during the battle and the way in which I was supposed to defeat it was really obvious and easy. 62 more words


Sadness & Speculation: The Zelda Wii U Game Delay

I was confident about three things this year; 1) Uncharted 4 wouldn’t make it to this year, 2) I would fall in love with the new 3DS and 3) The Legend of the Zelda for Wii U would be ready to play by Christmas this year. 342 more words


The Wii U Is Not Dead

Ever since Nintendo announced that they were making Mobile games and that they were working on a new platform code named the NX, people have got it into their heads that Nintendo is quietly killing off the Wii U and their one piece of evidence that these idiots have is that Zelda Wii U has been delayed until next year. 193 more words


Coffee Time News 30/03/15

Halo 5 gets a release date and 2 trailers, Deadpool’s costume revealed and Hiro  to make a return to the Heroes spinoff.


In case you missed it on Friday, the first trailer for the 24th Bond film  453 more words

Coffee Time News