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Don't Say There is a Tea Cup

Don’t Say

“Don’t say there is a tea cup.

Don’t say there is not a tea cup.”

What can you say?

All morning, I spent… 13 more words

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Watching an old black and white movie

in which it’s raining

upon empty parking lots between tall buildings,

I think of James Cagney,

shoulders hunching up against the rain, 46 more words

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What is Real Truth?

What is Real Truth

What is real truth?

Knowing how to hit the drum.


                   -Dick Allen

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White Butterfly

Like the white butterfly

you came into my life

dancing about a wandering course gleefully,

occupying the senses totally.

Silently, the butterfly

flies on,

and I am left smiling. 6 more words

Observations From The Soft Chair

The Zen Master Smiles

The Zen Master Smiles, Saying This

“If you do not cut off the mind road,

then you are a ghost clinging to bushes and grasses,” 73 more words

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Zen Koan Nursery Rhyme

Zen Koan Nursery Rhyme

A flavor, a favor,

a drunken old Zen Master.

I put a koan in my bowl

and on the way I solved it. 30 more words

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The Zen Master's Take

The Zen Master’s Take on the Majjhima Nikaya

People throw all manner of clean and unclean things

into rivers like the Connecticut River,

yet the water is neither troubled nor repelled nor disgusted. 162 more words

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