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The Perfect Zen Mind

“The perfect Zen mind”

The perfect Zen mind
would be constantly aware,
but there’s no such thing
as the perfect Zen mind
is there?

-Dick Allen
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Review: Zen Master Poems by Dick Allen

Zen Master Poems (New Wisdom Poems Book 1) by Dick Allen

*Click on the link or the image above to read the synopsis and pre-order a copy!* 509 more words

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... hello and goodbye ...

Hello to my loyals, and my occasional stoppers by…

Just a note to tell you there will be no new writings for a while,
on my ongoing story that will become a book…. 115 more words


All Sentient Humans

All Sentient Humans


All sentient humans

whirl through the door

of the burning house

of samsãra,

the cycle of life and death,

read the Zen master. 34 more words

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Zen Master in Ecstasy

Zen Master in Ecstasy

Attacking from all directions,

from the woods and fields of Connecticut,

Buckhorn Plantain, Carolina Geranium,

Bluegrass, Backyard Grass, Goosegrass, Foxtail Grass, 29 more words

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In the Video Game Zen

“In the video game Zen”

In the video game Zen,

I’d play the frog

sitting on the lily pad.

I’d sit for hours,

until my mind was so clear… 38 more words

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“Silly name, silly name, silly name,”

chants the child,

hearing the word for the first time:

wild child

prancing around the living room

reciting, 75 more words

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