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Zen Master Winter

Zen Master, Trying to Observe Again

This winter, the Zen Master said,

the snow was the most ivory

I’ve ever seen it,

lying on the stone walls of New England— 68 more words

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"Ha,Ha,Ha,You and Me"

“Ha, ha, ha, you and me”

“Ha, ha, ha, you and me,
Little brown jug, don’t I love thee,”
sang the Zen Master,
climbing Cold Mountain. 55 more words

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... remember ...

Whispering winds wind into our heart,

pressing ever gently into tomorrow, where

so much dirt

can become a pile of goodness.

Remember the ant, and… 14 more words

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... you waiting ...

Expect the sun to rise, and it will not.

Ignore it, and it comes to you willingly,

crying sun drops, wanting cloudlings to

hide its loneliness. 27 more words

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The Flippant Zen Master


“The Pastoral,” blurted

the Zen Master’s student,

“is past.

Our reality is Information

moving at the speed of light.”

“Oh, go clip your toenails,” 11 more words

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Summer grass;

Along the path to the mountain temple,

stone images of Buddha.




... my heart ...

Seed cradles swing in the wind,

waiting for their turn

at flight and happenstance.

Like the leaf,

like the bird,

like my heart.