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this illusion

This illusion
haunts the dreamer
for a while
but it also keeps him going
may even lead him to places
reality cannot exist… 19 more words


Love the ink

Love the writing less and the ink more,
and as you flatten the white paper,
remember to shed your clothes
before crossing the threshold.


Sufi and Zen inspiration.


Sunday Morning Coffee Musing: A Forced Smile

Yesterday I enjoyed a beautiful wedding ceremony of my nephew and his girlfriend officiated by his father (my brother). Everything was simply was beautiful. I love short and sweet ceremonies and that is exactly what it was. 614 more words

Robert Aitken

Hearing the crickets at night
I vow with all beings
to find my place in the harmony
crickets enjoy with the stars.

To add to… 16 more words


I broke my promise. I am saying it again.

I promise I will only say this once, holding on to anger we can’t see our way and nothing can change. Engaging in conflict is never pro-active. 64 more words

Sand and Sky

Working our way up the ridges towards the sky in Great Sand Dunes National Park. Being in a landscape of essentially two elements felt oddly strange and yet serene. 29 more words

“Ocean” Cracked, “Elixir” Freed # 25

That’s His way!

What to say, what to feel

Unlock – “Mist of Thoughts”

That moves through everything.

Deepak Singh