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Waning Snow Flies

Waning snow flies

twisting over and over

lays to rest


Enlightenment III

It may take a while to discuss my thinking on Buddha’s teaching, or what Buddha is said to have taught.  The kicker is that what’s written in the earliest texts of what Buddha taught was not written until hundreds of years after his death.  562 more words


Tough messy oak trees

Oak trees in the wild are messy things. Before I knew this I thought that oaks were these lone wolf sculpted trees with long clean trunks and a large canopy of round green foliage…kind of like the ones you see on a fancy wine bottle label. 163 more words


Weekly Wednesday Meditation - Floating in Space - 2 minutes of Mindfulness

Hello! Welcome to Weekly Wednesday Meditation, our time to reflect on our week so far and briefly escape into mindfulness practice. This week, we will journey with thoughts of weightlessness to relieve our tensions. 200 more words


Blue Grey Gnatcatcher

What an amazing looking little bird to spend some time watching. He hopped around from branch to branch and getting a photo or two seemed in the end pure luck. 57 more words

Suzuki Roshi

‘The Buddhist way is beyond being and non-being. We know each colorful thread and we know the whole woven cloth.’ (Dogen’s Genjo Koan – Three Commentaries)


The Sharpest Knife 

Even the sharpest knife in the world cannot cut itself.

Even the swiftest mind in the world cannot catch the origin of thought.

Even the most open eyes cannot see themselves. 28 more words