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Energetic Forecast for week: 3/29~4/5

This upcoming week is going to be a trying one…but any difficulties are never in vain…for they are the best way for us to truly grow…like sand paper easing down rough edges…interestingly enough this upcoming week is charged with spiritual transformation being that millions of followers of the Christian tradition are celebrating Holy week…a week were followers honor and remember the death and resurrection Jesus… 78 more words


Day 88: Zen

Trying to get to a zen state of mind with a long walk.

Photo Of The Day

Why You Really Should Pick and Choose Your Battles Wisely

By Crystal Lambert

Sometimes It’s just not worth it. The arguments, the irritation, the annoyance, the negative energy—but how do you know when you should just leave it alone?  576 more words


Dharma Centre of Canada Retreat May 1-3, 2015: Yoga Meditation Healing Symposium

Friday dinner time to Sunday afternoon May 1-3 on 400 acres of blessed land 2 hours from Toronto, at Dharma Centre of Canada.  Empowerment by Lama Lodro, Yoga Meditation daily with Gary Empty Book Justice and presentations from Andrea Olivera, Vivian Osal and Gennie Brukner about how this all fits with Ayurveda, Reiki and Shamanism. 8 more words


The Graduation

Dear Seamus,

I have been reading about and practicing techniques around manifestation for the past few years. A few weeks ago I felt urged to ask myself why I had not yet managed to create a cancer-free body. 1,024 more words

Day Eighty-Eight: A Snapshot Of My Day

Hot coffee with just a dash of cream and eggs cooked fried; the whole kitchen filled with steam.

Then onto reading to my grandmother from a book me cuddled up on the couch and her on her favorite chair – the windows and doors were all open to let in the cold crisp refreshing air. 213 more words