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Learning from the teachers and their mistakes

Most Buddhists don’t actively seek converts. If the Buddhist is a missionary for example, he or she might establish a temple or school for people to come and go as they please. 724 more words


States of mind

A clear mind is flattening the waves of the ocean.
A disturbed mind builds up mountains of thoughts.
A relaxed mind eases everything and enjoys life. 8 more words


Fair Fighting Rules for Relationships

By Dr. Perry, PhD

“An eye for an eye will only make the world blind” ~Mahatma Gandhi

Arguments and relationships go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. 1,049 more words

Mental Health

Smile at the Captain

I drew another zen koan card to generate a question for the Vandenborre tarot deck.

Koan: You smile–the world changes.

My question: How do I change the world by smiling? 591 more words

without a story

without a story, a narrative, a past
what is there?
just this silent presence
no noise
no story teller
no righteousness
no victim

just this
of being.


White chrysanthemum

White clouds become rain or snow.
White snow melts when Spring arrives.
White hair remains and multiplies.
No wind, no sun will make it go away. 32 more words


Lose yourself

Around 20 years ago, I bought this deck of zen koans. I’d forgotten about it for a long time, until I found them recently. )I have a messy apartment.) I thought it would be an interesting exercise to use them to generate a question that I could try to answer with tarot cards. 106 more words