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Meditating up to 2 years now, recently started falling asleep uncontrolably during sessions

Up until last week, during a session, whenever a thought begun surfacing I was able to experience it rather vividly, easily noticing it and carrying on with my breath. 188 more words


How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation

As you start the mindfulness meditation practice, you have a sense of your body and a sense of where you are, and then you start to notice the breathing. 359 more words


Wumenguan/Mumonkan • Koan 4

• Bodhidharma Had No Whiskers / 《胡子無鬚》

I have no idea about the deeper meaning of this fourth koan, but I am struck by the word-play that seems to dominate it. 1,658 more words

Feeling a lot of hate over the past few years...

To make a long story short:

I've been suffering with severe depression and anxiety for the past 15 years. A few years ago a found a great therapist, and with the use of CBT and mindfulness meditation has helped me go from severely depressed to only very depressed. 214 more words


Tried meditating for the first time, went for 30 minutes and for about the last five, I saw a greenish yellowish light

Ok, so the title is a bit self explanatory but I saw a almost mustard color oval shape, except it was beautiful and not ugly. I became curious on what it was, so I relaxed deeply and kinda focused on it, and it expanded. 28 more words


Guided meditation recommendations for childbirth?

Hi all, bit of a weird one. I'm seeking recommendations for a guided meditation I can use during early labor to help me relax and focus. 41 more words