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On Zen, Hungry Ghosts, and a Planetary Shift in Consciousness

It has long been noted that American culture is particularly “primed” for the spread of Zen, simply because the two already share some common ground. For instance, the American notion of the pursuit of… 846 more words


Releasing Illusions From The Shore

Creation’s sand sifted from our hands—

clutched for a moment by gravity

as it flowed, streaming silently,

to settle —in small scattered piles within us. 130 more words


•{ I'm Running Low . . .

Weeks on end, I’m on the road
I start to lose my sense of home
I should’ve called so many times
But I, I just sat next to my phone… 323 more words


The Peace Within

This is a dialog based on my personal philosophies. It is a point of view, I’m not perfect so you don’t have to agree with everything. 1,678 more words


Don't forget what to remember

“The most important thing is remembering the most important thing.” – Zen proverb

Getting swept into the frenzy of life is often unavoidable, and it is unfortunately easy to confuse constant action for genuine purpose. 148 more words



If everything is one, why do I feel separated and lonely sometimes?

We think and separate ourselves from the world.
We categorize everything and we are a category ourselves. 18 more words