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Who Put the Multi in Tasking?   


At the gym the other day, I overheard two women talking about taking some classes together and hoping that their line dance and conversational Italian language classes wouldn’t conflict. 561 more words


The Boys

A quiet morning spent admiring a group of Male Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

There were four or five hanging out this morning sometimes grouped together and sometimes spaced apart. 50 more words

When ego breaks down

Ignorance is the binding factor in the development of ego, but it also has a subtle relationship with the basic intelligence of buddha nature. Ignorance is not solid but is based on sparks or flashes of ignorance operating on some ground. 64 more words


Houseplants for Clean Air

Houseplants are not just a classic craze but provide many benefits in keeping the air in your home clean.

Top 6 Houseplants for Cleaning the Air in your Home: … 195 more words


How to Design Your Yoga Space at Home

Very pleased to introduce a blogosphere friend from the South Pacific today – meet Harper! She is from Auckland, New Zealand and is sharing her insights on how to create a zen at-home yoga and/or meditation space. 678 more words


The Nature Of Wind

Zachary leaned over at the end of Monday’s sitting on the Embarcadero and name-checked Master Baoche. The nature of wind has been permanent recently, and there is no place it has not reached. 386 more words