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Letting Go of FOMO





  1. anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.

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balding the head of a patch-robed monk

Even a monk still needs his ignorance grass cut again from time to time. There is a balance, of course, between the ostentation of an Archbishop and the over cooked piety of an impoverished patch-robed monk. 201 more words


Allowing Questions

Today is my last Zen Meditation class with Mark Houghton. In my opinion, the last 2 class (last week and today) is the best class. Last week, we were partnering with one of our friend and we have to take turn being the guide & person who close the eyes. 517 more words


The Power of Now

How Do We Slow Down In A World Of Urgency?

I understand that live keeps us very busy. Between kids, marriage, and jobs, life seems impossible at times.   284 more words



mixed media on heavy watercolour paper
available in my gallery on Artfinder 

Celebrating the Meat-suit

When you’re a mom, you’re a mom above everything else. That means when you’re sick, you’re still a mom. Even when you’re chronically sick, you suck it up, you’re still a mom. 517 more words


What will be, will be, so they say!

On one of my posts, I published an article about what writers struggle with, and it is so true, we start with the enthusiasm of the world, then, usually in the middle, we feel our writing stinks and then we leave it for later or we just dump it somewhere. 184 more words