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Stages of emotions

Zen teacher Seung Sahn Soen-sa advises his student who had found herself consumed with anger at her son. He wrote:

After sitting yong maeng jong jin (silent meditation), your mind was clear. 180 more words

Words Of Wisdom

Why We Should Pick Up the Broken Pieces

Yesterday, on my way back from work to home, I walked pass a slab of white board lying in the middle of a quiet alley. The board looks new and I can see the wheels marks on it, showing how it has been ran over by a car. 238 more words

The practice of not-knowing

“My job as a reporter,” the late Gwen Ifill once remarked, “is not to know what I think.” Humble in spirit but incisive in content, that remark calls to mind two essential stories from the Zen tradition. 842 more words


Spotted Towhee

A Spotted Towhee perched in the now leafless late fall forest.

Looking a bit less like a funky chicken that he did a few weeks back. 10 more words

Moving village

There was a person coming to a new village, relocating, and he was wondering if he would like it there, so he went to the zen master and asked: … 138 more words


z3n alch3my *21

No more
No more
I say again
No endless loop
Ain’t playing it safe

I am done
I am done
I plead again
The game is over… 52 more words

travel thoughts day 3

sometimes making a fuss is just that – fuss. if you leave it and come back, it will still be fuss.
never underestimate new shoes. it may look pretty but it will kill you when you run and chase people wearing them. 152 more words