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Its Everywhere…THink it aint! Look in the mirror…wait just a second and…you might just find one looking at you too.

What the fuck are you going on about? 351 more words

Water - Titusville Gold

Water for me is best in the golden light of dawn. Or just about anytime – as long as it stays in its container.

Post for Photo 101. 6 more words


Thought is Born of Failure

Thought is born of failure. Only when action fails to satisfy human needs is there ground for thought. To devote attention to any problem is to confess a lack of adjustment which we must stop to consider. 259 more words


Rumi Moment of the Week:

Self-clinging begins as a way for the ego to protect itself and quickly transforms into an unending diabolical plan of world domination. It is “Brain” to the universe’s “Pinky.” Continually antagonizing over how to get those people over there to “like me,” “listen to me,” “understand me!” Rumi comes through to tell us to stop the foolishness. 339 more words


Ducks At Sunset

The ducks have gone to their icy bed at sunset, doing some evening grooming first.

Apart from one who is a night owl, like me, and continues to swim around. 25 more words



“I’m so cool that the kids come to my bedroom and go “Mom, turn the music down” – Melissa Ethridge

Substitute “mom” with “dad” in above quote – been there. 63 more words


my apologies...

this is an apology to my friends on facebook that I have ever been a dick to. I cringed as I read the lines and lines and lines of unsolicited advice that I offered to people on how to become happy! 669 more words