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Как вежливо отказать

Всем нам в нашей жизни порой приходиться в чем-либо кому-нибудь отказывать по тем или иным причинам. Надо уметь по возможности делать это вежливо и красиво. 14 more words

Без рубрики

This poetry is my freedom!

This poetry is my freedom!
The long journey
That brought me here
Through the darkness
Has gifted me
A window to view
This life
In a way that allows me to weep… 13 more words

Nikon D3300

Minimalism: The Question of The Biggest Misconception

There’s a confusion.

As I am focusing more to direct my life towards the lifestyle where I can thrive as a minimalist, I often reach a question like this: 279 more words


Johnny Gone Down- The perfect Zen thriller


I was supposed to review a different book today. But, thanks to our new follower, Peter Ranger, who calls himself a pilgrim yogi author and a guide, it prompted me to review a book I had read long ago. 546 more words

Growth comes from inside

Once, there were two brothers who farmed a rice paddy. When they came of age, one brother announced, “I will now seek wisdom and enlightenment by traveling the world.” The otherbrother announced, “I will become wise while staying right here.” The traveling brother donned his pack, and left. 176 more words

Reflections On This And That