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Wood Thrush

For me the Wood Thrush is a bird I may often hear but seldom seem. Hanging out in those forests deep with green and hidden out of sight they have such a wonderful song. 39 more words

When I Look At My Cat

When I look at my cat

I see the many cats I’ve known before

Our black cat who spoke in its own sentences

The marmalade tabby our neighbor took on walks… 147 more words


நினைக்காமல் இரு...

ஏதோ பிறந்தேன்…இருந்தும் பிழைக்கிறேன்..

இந்த உலகில் எதையோ தேடி… எதையோ அடைந்து…நடந்து  உழன்று..கடந்து

இறுதியில் உன்னை அடைந்தே விட்டேன்

என்னை கரைத்து  உன் முன் நிற்கிறேன்

என்றும் பிறவாத வரத்தை நீ அருள்வாய்

கருணை நாதா சற்குரு நாதா

பொடி சித்தர் திருவடி மலரடி சரணம்.



I am an eyewitness to a human being standing (yes, you read that correctly) on her couch amid playfully gazing out the window; in conjunction, she is in a pair of jockey shorts coupled with a jar of ice cream in hand; yippee-ki-yay. 175 more words


I was walking to work the other day, as the weather has warmed up enough, there is now plenty of light in the mornings, and I’m lucky enough to be a half hour walk through the suburbs from my workplace. 1,245 more words

Creative Writing

Unanswered Mysteries

That meditation, mindfulness, or the practice of religion offer no rational proof, and that they often fail to answer the greatest mysteries are not at all good reasons to reject them. 183 more words