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I Don’t Have Time

“You will never find hashtag#Time for anything until You make Time for Everything in life.”

Having taken a sabbatical I have realised the importance of time and how everything is changing in this world. 197 more words


Keeping Your Interests Alive

Keep Your Dream and Passion Alive, Feel the energy and power that comes from within when you focus on what excites You.

It has been an interesting observation when I connected back with my old friends and ex-colleagues after a decade. 181 more words


Just Do It

“Being Optimistic and Wrong is better than being Pessimistic and Right.”

A powerful lesson I learnt about how it is important to do what we want to do instead of thinking about it whether we will be successful or a failure. 198 more words


Everyday Struggle is a Must

‘Where there is Struggle, There You Find Strength.’

It is within every human being the strength to overcome any adversities in life. The most powerful and greatest people whom we have learnt or known are those who have gone through terrible sufferings, faced failures, struggled and endured hardships, knowns losses and through all this they have found their way out of the depths and risen to great heights making a history and setting examples for the world to follow. 141 more words


Save The World

Save Yourself Before You Can Save The World

In our life, we have a great ambition of wanting to save the world around us. While the thought is quite noble and for a good cause, we are not focussed on what and how we want to do. 193 more words


Is Quitting the Answer to your Problems?

“Trials keep you Strong; Sorrows keep you, Human, Failures keep you humble, Success keeps You Glowing, but Only God keeps You Going.”

A beautiful lesson on faith which I experienced. 209 more words


I’ll Keep Fighting Till The End

“We are the Champions of this World”

Time and again I learn that every great person had to endure great sufferings and hardships in becoming a star. 212 more words