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Good People Are Always Beautiful

There is no #beauty that shines brighter than of a Good Heart filled with Love for this world.

One should always be the reason why someone would believe in the #goodness of people. 203 more words


Happy New Year 2020 - A PositiveOutlook

“Life Is What Happens To You While You Are Busy Making Other Plans”

The year #2019 has been a terrific one with many ups and downs a beautiful roller-coaster ride that I cannot thank enough to my hashtag#preceptor for all the precious and priceless life-lessons. 194 more words


Personal to Impersonal World

“You can buy Likes but not real Hearts.”

In the world of social media, we believe that we are connecting with people whom we have lost touch with, yet the reality is we are disconnecting from each other. 187 more words



“A solid rock is unshaken by the wind, so are the wise ones unshaken by praise and ignominy”

I have been for a long time unable to get over the fact that someone whom I gave my all with a pure heart and did everything back-stabbed, hurt, and stepped on me to climb the ladder of life. 195 more words


What Goes Up Comes Down Too

“Everything in life is Dynamic and Transient while Change is Constant”

Nothing is permanent in this world be it name, fame, position, relationships or wealth. What was there, is not there anymore, what is now, will not be there tomorrow. 187 more words


Don’t Hold-On To Your Past

Everyone has a past, but you don’t need to live there anymore.

Last few days, I have been taught the same lesson over and over again, and that is to let go of things that are holding me back, and I am holding on to. 188 more words


Self Worth Is Believing You Are Worthy

“When you start seeing your own #worth, you will find it tough to stay around people who don’t know your worth.”

Be in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much in life and yet is standing tall. 195 more words