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Life is a Train Journey

Turn Your Cant’s into Cans and Your Dreams into Plans. It is the journey of our life that teaches us a lot about our destination. 206 more words


Time Management

Tomorrow is a mystical land where 99% of all human motivation, productivity and achievements are stored :-)

A great person thinks of using the time while mortal humans think of merely spending time. 216 more words


What do Millennials Want?

Millennials want a purpose and make an impact in the life

This generation is growing with a sense of impatience. I absolutely agree with what Simon Sinek said about the millennials. 189 more words


Indomitable Spirit

“Strength doesn’t come from the physical abilities. It comes from an indomitable Will.”

Life has a way of testing our will, either by making everything happen at once or nothing happen at all. 191 more words


Act Now

“Act Now for there is no Tomorrow. All you have is Now.”

Only I can change me, no one can do it for me. If I don’t strive hard and put efforts nothing will happen. 208 more words


All Wired Now

We have entered into an Era of the Gaming world. When you come home after a brutal workday greeting your offspring no one cares to respond as they are hunched over and hypnotised by a hashtag#gizmo. 176 more words


Correct when you are corrected

Do not correct a fool, he will hate you; correct a wise, he will appreciate you.

In life, there are no perfect human beings are we are bound and going to make the same mistakes a number of times. 205 more words