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Thoughts on Fortification

Going with Kerodin’s Citadel concept, we have Zenpundit referencing GG.

First, not sure I can convince Mrs. Matson to go to Idaho. Maybe, but that is about the longest shot I have ever heard of, and believe me, it’s not from lack of trying. 608 more words


Zenpundit on 'The Big Picture'

A great post by the Zenpundit:

The Big Picture – The Nexus Between Education and Grand Strategy

“Is it reasonable to educate people in a way where all subjects are disconnected from one another, prioritizing narrow specialization, emphasizing accumulating facts over understanding principles, rewarding the “right answer” instead of the “best question”, demanding conformity instead of curiosity and then expect our leaders to be visionaries and adaptively creative statesmen who think in strategic terms?

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The perfidy of ABC News (tentative conclusion on a breaking story)

Perfidy:  The act of violating faith or allegiance; violation of a promise or vow, or of trust reposed.

ABC News proudly announces what seems likely to be a betrayal of their public trust as journalists, joining the Obama Administration to produce propaganda supporting their proposal for health care reform. 944 more words

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A Strategic Clarion Call: Part I

Looking at my own intellectual journey, I find that creativity usually comes in short bursts that punctuate long periods of reading, reflection, and hard work.  About two weeks ago the National Security Blogosphere saw a great burst of creativity by the mind of Zenpundit.  1,799 more words


Stratfor writes about “the third war” in Mexico

Here is another insightful article from Stratfor about one of the most important geopolitical dangers to America.  Hat tip on this from Zenpundit’s post on “ 2,675 more words

Other Issues

Super-Empowered Individuals and 5GW: Heads or Tails.

Originally posted on 8/9/07 at Dreaming 5GW.

As globalization economically and socially connects the world , its citizens are paid in the metaphorical ‘coin’ of super-empowerment… 720 more words