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A whirling swirly thing

Confession: I began drawing this sometime last fall. I saw a Spirograph set in an airport gift shop and thought that the spiral designs would be a cool way to start off a Zentangle style drawing. 63 more words



I was able to take a trip to the art shop yesterday and picked up a little sketch book and a pen cloth to keep my zentangles supplies in. 154 more words


Very Big Sketchbook - Page 7

This is the seventh page in my Sketchbook. I wanted to do something very different than the other pages. This didn’t turn out like I had envisioned, but at the same time it seems very fun. 65 more words


Friday night B&W

I wasn’t sure which side should go up… I think this works.

And yes, that is my cat acting as my easel.

So judgy…


Go With The Flow...

Some mornings I find myself staring at a blank glass mug wondering, “What I will draw today?”  Wednesday I felt like drawing a flower and this is what came out… 58 more words


Lunchtime Doodle - 4/21/2017

 As you guys are well aware, I have a mere 45 minutes to doodle or unplug as I like to call it. I have been taking my Artists Tiles to work to do just that. 58 more words