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Floral Theme

We’re half way through the 6 week Zentangle Class. Time is flying by so fast. In week 3 we created these lovely tiles with a floral theme.


To Hermit Or Not To Hermit

I think I’m trying to turn myself back into a hermit. I used to be one, ya know. Scared of everything and everyone, I stayed in my room watching movies and eating chips. 129 more words

Swinging On The Mood Swing

Whew! The mood swings are horrible tonight. I’ve been experiencing a lot of anger and I’m not sure why. I don’t like to be angry. I’m a laid-back kinda gal. 120 more words

ICAD Challenge 2019 - Day 3

ICAD Challenge – Day 3

Here’s today’s ICAD art! I’m still keeping with my chosen theme for this week of an inked background and a doodle or zentangle image. 279 more words

Index Card Art


This was yesterday’s doodle. I participate in an art challenge on Instagram and fruit was the prompt for June 1st. When I’m drawing, I forget about the real world. 7 more words

Creative Juice #141

I am so jealous of all the talent in this week’s articles.

  1. The Three Graces in art.
  2. Cute dog photos.
  3. Taking a stroll in Jersey City.
  4. 96 more words

Thursday doodle and flow

I have a little walk through of a small Zentangle that I’ve been working on.

Happy Thursday, friends! 💜

I love to doodle and play with different patterns. 227 more words