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PSB Ep. 57 "3rd Annual Belated Halloween Special"

DOWNLOAD: PSB Ep. 57 “3rd Annual Belated Halloween Special”

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Belated Halloween Special!! Thanks so much for listening over the years so that we can bring you these silly exploits into such cringing fear! 27 more words

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TC Ep. 6 "Blade Runner 1982"

DOWNLOAD: TC Ep. 6 “Blade Runner 1982”

Join Louis and Me the ~Z~ as we discuss the 1982 film about 2017, Blade Runner! We have a blast yappin’ and laffin’ and livin’ and grinin’. 12 more words

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PSB Music Collection Giveaway!

Five lucky people will win a PSB Music Collection CD from me the ~Z~ and Ferguson from Zerbinator Land‘s “Please Stand By” podcast! The cd will have 8 tracks in all and will be completely free to those 5 winners. 44 more words

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PP Ep. 13 "Tubbs Fire"

DOWNLOAD: PP Ep. 13 Tubbs Fire

I speak with I See Robot’s about his story living in the line of the fires in California. God bless him and his family. 9 more words

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PAP Ep. 16 "Heaven"

DOWNLOAD: PAP EP. 16 “Heaven”

Join Doug and me the ~Z~ as we discuss Heaven is all it’s glory, and how we differ on where we go when we pass. 32 more words

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TC Ep 2 "Power Rangers 2017"

DOWNLOAD: TC Ep. 2 “Power Rangers 2017”

In this episode, Louis and I discuss the fact that I haven’t seen this film, in which case I listen to Louis tell me all about it. 25 more words

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PP Ep. 9 "Bryan Did It"

DOWNLOAD: PP Ep. 9 “Bryan Did It”

Bryan Roboticist steps in to help me record this week’s episode of “Pretentious Podcast”. He and I go over quite a bit of Rants, and Bryan gets a chance to have a phone conversation with Barry Gibb. 18 more words

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