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Christine Milne - the URGENT case for zero carbon budget

Christine Milne’s speech on 27 April 2015 is an articulate and accurate picture of the current climate situation in Australia: the reality, the politics, how to progress. 5,022 more words


If I were Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

With the election looming, it’s time to nail your colours to the mast. Ain’t no purdah round here, so here’s my contribution…

If I were Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change… 654 more words


Importance of Nuclear Power as a Zero-Emission Generation Technology

by Cameron Bernhardt

Although relying on nuclear as a power generation technology poses some environmental issues such as heightened demands on water for cooling uses and land for waste disposal, nuclear generation does offer several notable advantages over other generation technologies. 351 more words

Climate Change

Renewable Energy: Is it possible?

There have been many debates over renewable energy and whether or not it’s a feasible option. Many are for renewable energy citing the crucial need to address arguably the biggest issue facing the world today: climate change. 388 more words


It’s Not Too Late To Stop Climate Change, And It’ll Be Super-Cheap

Humanity’s choice (via IPCC): Aggressive climate action ASAP (left figure) minimizes future warming. Continued inaction (right figure) results in catastrophic levels of warming, 9°F over much of U.S. 84 more words

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