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January: Where We Begin

January was all about assessing our current carbon footprint.

First, we looked up our fuel consumption. This was easy. Enmax, our electricity and natural gas provider, has an on-line service that totals and graphs consumption. 722 more words

Mark Harding

A zero-carbon life close to home: is a technological fix enough?

By Amita Bhakta, Loughborough University

If you have seen a television news report or read a paper in the past week, you will have likely been reminded of the significant COP21 meeting which was held in Paris. 415 more words

Transactions Of The Institute Of British Geographers

Paris COP21: Climate talks may not matter, because coal and oil will be redundant anyway

There’s concern in Paris – and elsewhere – about whether the deal negotiated at UN climate change conference will be strong enough to drive global decarbonisation effort that everyone recognises is needed…Tony Seba, a leading academic from Stanford University, says it doesn’t matter…He says plunging costs of technology will sweep away political inertia and resistance of vested interests. 198 more words

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Ask not what Drones can do for you, but what can you do for a Drone.

Musing over the idea that drones (and by this I mean the little ones, usually small quadcopters, not multi-million pound aerial weapons flown by remote) will have a major role to play in modern urban societies, I concluded that it would be both fun and instructive to work through just what their role might be. 1,423 more words


Is London going to go Zero Carbon?

Business Green reported an interchange last week between the Mayor and Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson  in response to his question about the Mayors position on Zero Carbon homes. 1,027 more words


Five Ways to live sustainably.

How do we live sustainably? The holistic nature of the problem makes definition difficult, but that doesn’t prevent us from having a go at it. We must try and define the problem, as this is usually the first step towards finding a solution. 663 more words


Where is the backbench opposition to Green cuts?

When the Tories won the election, I asked myself, and some colleagues, ‘who will keep them in check’? The answer from one particularly wise colleague was: ‘they will, they will keep themselves in check’. 551 more words