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If I were Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

With the election looming, it’s time to nail your colours to the mast. Ain’t no purdah round here, so here’s my contribution…

If I were Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change… 654 more words


Importance of Nuclear Power as a Zero-Emission Generation Technology

by Cameron Bernhardt

Although relying on nuclear as a power generation technology poses some environmental issues such as heightened demands on water for cooling uses and land for waste disposal, nuclear generation does offer several notable advantages over other generation technologies. 351 more words

Climate Change

Renewable Energy: Is it possible?

There have been many debates over renewable energy and whether or not it’s a feasible option. Many are for renewable energy citing the crucial need to address arguably the biggest issue facing the world today: climate change. 388 more words


It’s Not Too Late To Stop Climate Change, And It’ll Be Super-Cheap

Humanity’s choice (via IPCC): Aggressive climate action ASAP (left figure) minimizes future warming. Continued inaction (right figure) results in catastrophic levels of warming, 9°F over much of U.S. 84 more words

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Bioregional Conference Review-Reality and responsibility

By Alan Fogarty

I have been to many Sustainability conferences, award ceremonies and events where the residual impression has been invariably what’s sustainable about that. Frequently the conferences are self-congratulatory as if the issues of Climate Change have been resolves because a company have reduced their carbon emissions by 30% or are recycling 80% of their waste. 331 more words

Sustainable Design

Zero Carbon

Hehe, this is a draft post I made six years ago, slightly amended. I note that recently the UK has paid energy companies for providing electricity to the UK market, and we have also agreed the building of a new nuclear power station Hinkley point C, built by French and Chinese governments (I mean EDF, China General Nuclear and China National Nuclear Corporation). 202 more words


78% US economy operates with mandatory renewable standards - Chu

From ABC RN Science Show, also ABC1, appearance at National Press Club last week – “All US states with strong demands for renewable power make in total 78% of the US economy covered by mandatory renewable standards”. 94 more words

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