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First visit to Motorway Chargepoint

Dropped in at Watford Gap Services to try out the charging facilities.

Unfortunately the type 2 AC outlet was out of service.

Good job I was not relying on it on this occasion.

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Why Choose an Electric Car? Cost Saving

One of my reasons for choosing an electric car was cost saving.  Leasing the Zoe for 2 years at 12000 miles/year has a total cost of ownership of £4816(£197.98/month) or 20p/mile.  179 more words

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In the light of day

First sight of the car in daylight.

First day out in the car.  84 miles range showing with outside temp 13 deg C.  Set off without any heating but abandoned that after a few miles.  43 more words

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Read the Friendly Manual

The car was delivered by truck an hour ago.  Too dark for pictures, so a quick trip round the block and then sit down to look through the manuals with some eager helpers.

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Zoe Arriving Today!

My new Zoe is due to arrive this afternoon-it is my first electric car. This blog will be a record of my experiences as an EV driver.

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