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The world needs less smog, and more smug

The recent exposition of Volkswagen’s emission test cheats have gone to show just how hard it is for car manufacturers to make cars which are genuinely less polluting. 464 more words


First electric planes fly over English Channel

Image Credit: AP Photo/Michel Spingler

CALAIS, France (AP) — Airbus flew its electric plane across the English Channel for the first time Friday — hours after an independent French pilot made a similar voyage, beating the aeronautics giant in this symbolically important step toward making electronic flight viable in the long term. 549 more words


hOWLing winds

Wind power is on the rise in the U.S. In fact, 30% of new electricity generating capacity  in the U.S. between 2009-2013 came from wind power, and the U.S. 365 more words

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8 Benefits You Didn’t Know About Ocean Wave Energy

By Roy Brosh

1. High Energy Potential:

The amount of power that comes from wave energy is enormous. “The total wave energy potential is estimated to be 32,000 TWh/yr (115 EJ/yr). 846 more words

Tomorrow's car: electric cars

Flora M.

Everyone of us wants to travel, be in their own car which makes them feel satisfied.An electric car is the ideal car for you.Electric cars use the energy stored in a battery for vehicle propulsion.They provide a clean and safe alternative to the internal combustion engine.the speed of the car, check, no one wants to take all day on the road.In this era of global warming, the minimal the effort to save our environment counts. 103 more words

Technology And Cars

Is there new hope for sea wave renewable energy sector?

While wind and solar technologies have been commercializing in an ever-accelerating rate, it seems as though the oceans, the world’s largest potential energy resource is being left behind. 677 more words