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Have Global Climate Alarmists Lost Their Way?

When I think of environmentalists, I think of someone rides their bike instead of driving….or eating food produced within 100 miles…or using solar to heat their homes… But instead we have… 370 more words

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Two Degrees: Do ice ages debunk climate science?

That is the title of the recent CNN piece by Brandon Miller which shows yet another example of data obfuscation in the name of planet saving. 310 more words

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Vostok Ice Core Data: Canary The Coal Mine or a Reason For Hope

The global climate alarmists often bring up the correlation between CO2 and temperature rise by citing the Vostok Ice Core data for the last 800,000 years. 247 more words

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Zero Emissions: Can it be done?

As I showed in an earlier post, the goal of limiting global warming a maximum of 2 degrees, would require an immediate cessation of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas production. 390 more words

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The Truth About Global Warming?

Quite by accident, I came across the following study done in 2008:

Stabilizing climate requires near-zero emissions

Our results suggest that future anthropogenic emissions would need to be eliminated in order to stabilize global-mean temperatures.

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The world needs less smog, and more smug

The recent exposition of Volkswagen’s emission test cheats have gone to show just how hard it is for car manufacturers to make cars which are genuinely less polluting. 464 more words


First electric planes fly over English Channel

Image Credit: AP Photo/Michel Spingler

CALAIS, France (AP) — Airbus flew its electric plane across the English Channel for the first time Friday — hours after an independent French pilot made a similar voyage, beating the aeronautics giant in this symbolically important step toward making electronic flight viable in the long term. 549 more words