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calling... for even better cars

If we were to pick a few of the technological feats that represent how advanced our technology has become, the modern car would for sure be on top of that list. 216 more words


Bjørn Lomborg: Electric car benefits? Just myths

USA Today: It is time to stop our green worship of the electric car. It costs us a fortune, cuts little CO2 and surprisingly kills almost twice the number of people compared with regular gasoline cars. 48 more words


6 charts that show renewable energy is getting cheaper

We are reaching an age that many skeptics dismissed as an energy fantasy. But the reality is in the data, mostly all renewable sources are getting cheaper, more competitive without subsides, and becoming the most viable option for our energy future.  866 more words

Renewable Energy

Wind auction result delivers renewable energy and economic benefits to the ACT

Three wind farm’s will supply the ACT with 200 megawatts of renewable energy generation capacity, with a reduction of 580,000 tonnes of emissions each year. This is a serious emissions reduction effort from the ACT Government with broader economic benefits.  715 more words

Renewable Energy

Track 0: the publication.

I am so happy to be working on something that could benefit everyone.
Track 0 really is a big deal, with a lot of important types getting involved. 123 more words


Global campaign aims to inspire British cities to choose 100% clean energy

Environmental campaigners are hoping that 2015 will be the year when the UK’s cities go green. Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Munich, Seattle, Sydney and Lima have all committed to switching to using 100% clean energy by 2050, and now grassroots campaigns calling on civic leaders to endorse the initiative have been launched in 123 towns and cities across the UK. 471 more words