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OK, this is the final show I’m looking at. I swear and it looks like…..another one where they debuted 2 episodes although this time Crunchyroll got to it late as it debuted April 2nd in Japan…..it streamed on the 9th…..and I got to it on the 12th. 562 more words


We can't hide our excitement as Nova Star drops her single "Zero G" today!

Every time you hear the word Pop, you think of some bubble gum sensation that is producing some happy-go-lucky light-hearted track for people to go tra-la-la-la-la to. 274 more words

New Release

Episode 55: Destiny 2

Nick and Nick talk about Destiny 2.  They also discuss the trailer breakdown and predictions. Towards the end there is a serious discussion about actions and reactions in Zero G.

Geek Eclectic

Day 1: Mapping The State

I welcome you to part 1 of my blog in which I will be discussing Zero-G's Mapping The State.

The Formal Framework Of Irish Government is found on the top left of Mapping The State. 158 more words

RoTaTiOnS > a nightclub in space

Now I’m getting it…

Eye contact creates an artificial telepathic link.

“You can hear me, right?”

“Not exactly ‘hearing,’ but yeah, I’m here.”

“Whatcha got in yer bulb?” 352 more words

Science Fiction

The Mummy: TC pulls off historic Zero-G stunt

“I said Annabelle… I said we’re gonna go in Zero G.”

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is at it again. He can’t stop bringing awesome stuff to the table.

172 more words

Guarantee Security Using Material Handling Tools

Today the majority of the factories as well as storage facilities use a selection of product handling tools to simplify the task of lifting heavy objects. 538 more words