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Zero-G at Mountain Creek Action Park

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo featured above. KEEP SCROLLING DOWN TO WATCH THE VIDEO

I apologize for low quality video. I wanted to add a background music and do fancy edits but I wanted you guys to experience it as raw as possible so here it is. 275 more words


The Pleasure Dome

Cass @ Serene Prime, Interactive Zero G Chamber, Io’s orbit. 386 days out

Log entry 112. Midnight.

Cass and I float in mid air inside the Atrium (or the Fuck Dome, as we like to call it), at the very top of the Serene Prime, our pleasure ship. 1,276 more words


How to Defy Gravity on Earth (And Win $2,000+ Worth of Prizes)

Unless you’ve been to outer space, the next few minutes are worth your time.

Below are the details of The Zero-G Giveaway. My goal is simple: I want to you to have one of the coolest experiences on the planet.  634 more words

Meet Zero G, the only iPhone 6 case that can defy gravity

There are plenty of interesting iPhone 6 cases to choose from if you’re looking to protect your handset against accidental drops, but the Zero G is something else, as it packs a brilliant new feature. 197 more words

IPhone 6

Ants in space grapple with zero-g

On board the ISS the ants were kept inside special plastic containers, with vents to allow them to breathe

Ants carried to the International Space Station were still able to use teamwork to search new areas, despite falling off the walls of their containers for up to eight seconds at a time. 927 more words


So You Want to Have Sex In Space

Warning: As you could probably guess, the post called “So You Want to Have Sex In Space” contains some mature themes and unnecessarily graphic content. Naturally reader discretion is advised, I’m talking to you Grandma! 941 more words