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Footlocker Unused Designs

I was asked to design some art for the Footlocker that is opening in Washington Heights, but due to timing according to the person who I was in contact with, none of the designs were picked up or will be used. 22 more words

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Normal? What is that? Nothing remains the same,
Everything you knew from before today has changed.

Everything you were used to is gone, nothing is forever. 177 more words

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Cuphead & Mugaman

I can not even remember how much time I put into this piece, but it def was more than 60 hours, and I cannot even remember how many color pencils.


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Self Portrait

During the time I was creating this piece of art, I was dealing with a tough time in my life, I quit my job at Duggal visual solutions, that was probably the weirdest time of my life, I started working at a place called BlackBarn which is some cool little store downtown downtown, I ended up getting “Fired” from that job because I wasn’t “doing enough sales” NOT for the simple fact that the manager was giving me blowjobs when the store was empty. 137 more words

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Art blast

Holy smokes, what a very interesting year.

I started the year losing my job, and pretty much enjoying it happening.

It allowed me to never be afraid of the inevitable. 131 more words

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Goku with a twist

Color pencil on wood for a client. I had so much fun with this one.


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Beetlejuice Digital

Been having a lot of fun on my journey as a professional artist, and I’ve been busting digital drawings almost every day.

Here is a Beetlejuice I drew in line 20 minutes probably. Enjoy !

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