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Louise Collage — Work in Progress

If you follow my twitter, you might’ve seen me working on a sizable art project since around… January? February? I decided to do a full collage on canvas of a character I like. 325 more words


WonFes 2018 Winter - Most Anticipated Figures

It’s time for WonFes! I’ve been absolutely blown away this season and eager to be writing again, so I’ll dig right into it.

(Shocking no one, lots of To Love Ru, and some Fate and Zero no Tsukaima under the cut.) 1,255 more words


OG Tsundere - Zero No Tsukaima Throwback Thursday

If you read my article on A Sister’s All You Need, then you’ll remember a brief reference to a light novel called Zero No Tsukaima being 11 years old. 873 more words

[My Welcome Post] The Introduction of Me and Starlight Anime

Hi, everyone! The name is Brandon Lee, and I am so excited to be introducing both myself and Starlight Anime to the world! After much careful consideration, I have created this website to bring unique anime entertainment to the readers across the world. 559 more words


Solar eclipse, Zero no Tsukaima, and Expectations

There was a solar eclipse today, and I kept on thinking of Zero no Tsukaima, a harem anime I watched back in high school. From what I understand, it was a fairly popular series back when it aired (I mean, how often is it that an anime gets renewed up to 4 seasons?). 889 more words