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Lascivious Tsundere Loli Louise From "Zero No Tsukaima"

Zero no Tsukaima’s tsundere sensation Louise today earns the title of “best girl“. Truthfully, it’s one she’s won a long time ago, and like any legend, it deserves to be remembered and retold. 375 more words

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Unpopular Opinion - Double Feature: Monster Musume VS Date A Live


Monster Musume and Date A Live are my two favorite harem shows and as man who has consumed more than his fair share of the genre from the standard-bearers like To Love Ru and Zero no Tsukaima to the slightly more bizarre ones like Kaempfer (which more or less survives because of the best gender-bending yuri fanservice known to man), I consider my words on the subject to have considerable weight. 2,565 more words


Just Finished Zero no Tsukaima: 3 Interesting Points

About a few days ago, I finally finished up the Zero no Tsukaima series. I really was impressed. Although the story line could have been better, I felt like this show didn’t really need it to entertain the viewer. 459 more words


Origin story: TV and I (A-side)

After experiencing a sense of community and excitement from exploring the anime blogging community (like Digibro‘s excellent Diary of an Anime Lived project), I thought it would be appropriate for me to write about my starting place. 1,764 more words