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Sensate Saturday: Dere

This week for Sensate Saturday I’m doing a quick primer on some stereo types people will find in Japanese romance, and to a lesser extent everywhere else! 309 more words

Sensate Saturday

Currently Watching Anime

This is not a start of a series, but I just wanted to share a list of anime that I am currently watching or re-watching. Just like dramas, I like to watch different anime series at the same time. 594 more words


Reading Zero no Tsukaima

I have started reading Zero no Tsukaima from Baka-Tsuki (the epubs are available at bte-gen) and I must say, the translation quality and overall grammar and language is very good. 106 more words

Light Novel

Quick Updated Thoughts on Zero no Tsukaima

General disclaimer: This entry is only concerning the first season.

For those already aware, my feelings towards this show aren’t pretty. However, those feeling were founded upon watching it back in mid-2012 when my critical thinking skills regarding anime titles were still in their infancy. 341 more words


Discussing Anime Genres - You get a harem, you get a harem, we all get a harem!

I’m certain that in my previous life I was a King of the most prosperous kingdom and had all the bitches suck on my nipples. Shut up. 1,369 more words


[Anime Music Spotlight]: Zero no Tsukaima - First Kiss

I’m still not entirely sure how I managed to watch all of Zero no Tsukaima, but I did and it was average. Still, I managed to nab a few songs from it and First Kiss comes from the show’s first OP. 20 more words