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The power of 8

It seems the number eight has always played a major part in my life.

I was born on the eighteenth day of the eight month. 152 more words


Friday Fun: Friday the 13th

Normally, today brings me much joy. I absolutely love Friday the 13. I love the superstition mostly, but I love the day itself. Maybe because it’s Friday and a massively superstitious day, two of my favorite things wrapped up in one spoopy 24 hour package. 474 more words


Mid-Week Madness: I Am Anti-Progress

Since I did say I’d be updating my Camp NaNoWriMo progress, and I have yet to actually really give an update, I figured today is a perfect day to brag about my mass amounts of progress! 388 more words


Mid-Week Madness: I Added A Lot To My Plate.

Well, this marks a start to an extremely crazy month. My fabulously logical mind (see: impulsive) decided we should sign up for Camp NaNoWriMo this month. 517 more words


Impulse Control: How You Know You Have None.

Today is not going to be a long post. Heck today wasn’t even going to have a post. But, there was this amazing post on a wonderful site today that had my brain decide to do something extremely impulsive: I have officially signed up for… 278 more words


Monday Blues: Horrors of NaNoWriMo Prep

One thing I learned this weekend – or more accurately, this morning – is that trying to shoehorn characters into plots simply because you don’t want to trash said plots is a terrible way to go about things. 564 more words


Mid-Week Madness: NaNo Prep Edition

Yeah, I know. We have about six months until November, so it may be a smidge bit early to be starting prep for NaNoWriMo. But, in my own defense, I have a… 835 more words