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An Interview with The BOYS!

I haven’t interviewed the boys in quite a while, so I decided to ask some harder questions this week. We’ve never really discussed these things before, so it’s interesting to see what they think innately, before parental or societal opinions influences their views. 1,180 more words


Reconsidering "Valuable" Experience

For two years during college and one year after, I worked as a waitress. During school it was a chain restaurant in Springfield, and after graduation it was a local cafe in Town & Country, St. 1,202 more words


I Am Not Raising Quitters...

I am the meanest parent alive.  Just ask my children.

Currently, all four boys are playing sports.  We have two in football, one in recreational soccer, and one in select soccer. 326 more words


The Joys of Blogging

Bonjour, mes chers lecteurs !  Today, I am posting the 300th post here on Forty, C’est Fantastique.  Can you believe it?  This week also marks the “half-way” point for my forties. 1,026 more words

A To Z April Challenge

Top Ten People Who Can't Be Trusted...

As I was writing yesterday’s blog post, I sent my Dad (aka The Bobo) a text brainstorming “people who can’t be trusted.”  I ended up listing “people who don’t drink caffeine, people who dress their cars up like reindeer, and people who give out fruit on Halloween.”  My Dad, as usual, was one step ahead of me.   314 more words


The Circle of Life

We suspect one of our ducks is getting broody again. Apparently it’s quite common. Hopefully this time we’ll be good smallholders and our broody duck will be a happy mammy duck. 1,069 more words

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