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Death to the Umpire...

The sun is shining.  Shouts of encouragement come from the stands.  The smell of hot dogs waft over from the concession stand.  There is a light breeze ruffling the blanket as three of the boys lay on the ground playing on their Kindles, oblivious to the intensity of the baseball game before them. 360 more words


Weekly Segment – An Interview with The BOYS...AND Princess Gamer!

A Weekly Segment – Interview Questions with THE BOYS (See the About section for more information on the children)

Since my beautiful, intelligent 12 year-old niece, Princess Gamer, is in town, I forced her to participate.  767 more words


The Show Must Go On!

I apologize for not posting or putting up any pages for so long. I have to tell you I have been so busy, like those little spinning tops that when you start to spin them they are spinning so strong with purpose and reason, so small but yet so determined. 3,210 more words

Zero To Hero

The Penis Files

Bringing a baby into the world does not automatically prepare you for the responsibility of dealing with motherhood.  My gag reflex when cleaning up bodily fluids did not disappear.  528 more words


Hi everybody!

Hi, I’m new to the whole blogging thing and I just wanted to say a little bit about my blog and what its going to be about. 87 more words

We All Turn Into Our Mothers...


My mother called me to express her displeasure with my Father receiving blog space.  I explained that I’ve been blogging four days and have one follower, but she proceeded to give me ideas for blogs about her.  435 more words



We have been working on having a medical bill for Juggernaut’s surgery (tubes in ears) corrected.  It involves duplicate billing to the insurance company, EOBs, and other disgusting things adults shouldn’t have to deal with… This has been an ongoing battle for over a year.  136 more words