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My expectation last week was to run the MK Winter Half Marathon with the other Zero to Hero’s. The Wednesday before the event I got an infection, and had no choice,  but to visit the doctor.   567 more words

Stay Positive. Venting

I know I must stand tall, I know I must always show strength, never show fear. Be brave and speak true. Speak only when spoken to, not judge, think positive, keep an open mind and always be kind. 1,317 more words

Meaningful Living

Job Scammers, What The @#$%

This post is a bit longer than normal; I am sorry for that. There is a bit of info to put in here and too little to split into two posts. 2,139 more words

Meaningful Living

Fall Outfit Inspiration

I love the change of seasons. Each season has its own character, style, and adventures. Now that winter is on its way, I thought I’d share two casual outfits that I’ve been… 259 more words

Zero To Hero

Job Hunting

Have you ever received an email from a potential employer that made you stop in your tracks and question working for that company? How the company treats their employees is just as important as how they treat their customers. 1,138 more words

Self Improvement

Why Write?

I saw a post in the LinkedIn group “Before the Ink Dries” by Don Gewywolf ford .This made me curious why writers write.

I’m a curious individual, so much so that I’ve been called a cat. 1,034 more words

Meaningful Living

Fun Story

I posted a fun little story on my LinkedIn account and wanted to share it here. It’s just a little writing exercise that is fun, for me. 428 more words

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