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Is Social Media Affecting Box Office?

When a new movie comes out, some times the studios will screen it for critics. These critic showings are a way to help promote the film and earn more money. 2,534 more words

A Fearless Forty Fairy

My name is Kealey ford I am a multi creative artist, But for almost all my Creative life I have let The Fear eat away at my confidence and this stopped me showing my art and creativity. 346 more words

I've Been Reading: May/June 2017

Hey Guys,

So I realised, around the start of May, that I’d only read 3 books since January 2016, and barely any for the past few years if I’m honest. 441 more words


Project Ideas and Initial Feedback Survey

Whilst it is a few weeks away, the deadline for my literature looms over my head and I am getting ready to send out a survey for use as part of my literature (as extremely current/relevant literature). 660 more words

Summer Project

I wasn't expecting that!

After nearly two years of training for the MK Marathon, I wasn’t expecting an injury on marathon day.

The first part of the day was full of excitement and nerves for us zero’s, after all we were about to embark on a journey of a lifetime. 842 more words

TV to DC

This is the last political song I’m writing for a while because I am starting to develop a drinking habit because of the news.

TV to DC… 296 more words

TV And Movies

Top 5 Disney Songs of All-Time

As a child, there are things that make a lasting mark on your brain. For me, that thing was Disney songs.

Maybe it was that impulse to press “play” over and over or rewind the movie to the beginning of the song. 1,209 more words