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Stop Comparing Yourself

We all do it. We look at an Instagram page, a Facebook photo album, a girl walking down the street, and we wonder why our lives aren’t going as perfect as theirs seems to be. 332 more words


My Reflection on the International Day of Peace. 

​When actually can we look down the lane of history and hope for chaos, dispute and conflict to occur? Maybe never. Because they already live with us, hence they say it’s International Day of Peace. 345 more words

Get to know me

So it’s currently (as I’m writing this) 00:55 on a Friday night/Saturday morning and I can’t sleep so I thought I’d do the get to know me tag. 440 more words


Are You OK?

The Little Paddler is very concerned. About people in general. When she gets on the phone to my friend, she wants to know is his mam OK. 858 more words

Zero To Hero

Uber Starts Operation In Ghana

By: Wazobia Staff

In 2009, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp founded Uber Cab. Now known simply as Uber the company began expanding internationally in 2012. 139 more words

Wazobia Global Times

Ebay to Improve Bilateral Trade Between United States and Africa

By: Wazobia Staff

Africa’s biggest consumer markets has a new way of doing business. A new partnership between U. S. e-commerce giant eBay and online shopping startup MallforAfrica.com will allow U.S. 242 more words

Wazobia Global Times


Taper, such a delicious word, like nectar on the tongue.

Time -off





Well technically it reduces, not excludes running. To arrive at a period of taper after 12 hard weeks brings much joy to my soul and of course my body! 280 more words