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How lim (fame) → ∞ from 0?

Infinity can’t be defined. Rather it is a matter of perspective. If we had taken 0.00001 as a base instead of 10, then 10^5 is a large number and comparable to infinity (though 1 lakh is also large enough in decimal numbering system). 493 more words


A bit ago I was missing my father, a lot. And just wanted to say hello to him, ask him some fatherly advice. Since he died I felt like sending it out into the universe how I miss him. 899 more words

Zero To Hero

Zeus And Alpha Omega

22 years have since passed.The 20th of December year 1995 ,

A boy was born : Mzukisi Siwundla.

He would grow to cultivate into leadership and to inspire people of his time. 294 more words

Zero To Hero

From Zero to Hero

Late last night as I tried to fall asleep my mind continued to run a mile a minute. At a certain point in my mind I came to the point of how shocking my life has turned in the past 3 years. 352 more words

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Taking the Final Model further | Photos | Week 10

With the working in a group aspect now over, all work from here onwards in this subheading ‘Dream Space | week 10’ is my own interpretation and style. 188 more words


Final Model | How it fits to the brief |Feedback and Advice | Week 10

This is my group’s interpretation of dream space. This is a space where I believe shows what dreams can be and are within a space. As previously mentioned in the… 447 more words


The Development and My Thinking Process behind Dream Space | Week 10

For the development of this two day project, we have tried to explore a range of options that this brief could be interpreted but also be able to explore a concept in enough depth within such a small timescale. 761 more words