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TV to DC

This is the last political song I’m writing for a while because I am starting to develop a drinking habit because of the news.

TV to DC… 296 more words

TV And Movies

Top 5 Disney Songs of All-Time

As a child, there are things that make a lasting mark on your brain. For me, that thing was Disney songs.

Maybe it was that impulse to press “play” over and over or rewind the movie to the beginning of the song. 1,209 more words


The Basics: Simple Syrup

Hello friends!

For my last post in my Basics Series, I wanted to share a SUPER easy recipe that will help you make awesome cocktails and delicious iced coffee: Simple Syrup. 399 more words

Zero To Hero

Podcasts to Jumpstart Your Day

Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for inspiration. I don’t know if it’s the cold weather or just the general craziness of every day, but I haven’t been feeling as motivated as I’d like to. 330 more words


Birthdays and Realizations

February has always been a busy month in my family. First it’s my mom’s birthday, then Valentine’s day, and then today is my birthday! It’s a crazy time for us, but always a lot of fun. 515 more words

Python - Courssssera Week 1-2

Week 1

This week was a little rough. I recently started a much longer commute for work and it has certainly taken its toll. Toll… 377 more words


Python Stepsssss

Hey! Welcome back to this blog where I share with you all I don’t know, all I want to know, and all I kind of get a grasp of. 302 more words