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Laundry Rules...

I had yoga all weekend.  Yesterday, when I returned home, the house was an epic disaster.  

My darling husband informed me that he “did a load of laundry.”   421 more words


THE Talk...

So, I had “the talk” with our oldest boy today.  NO! Not that talk.  That one is completely up to my husband.

We had this, inevitable, talk – … 529 more words


Lights Out...

I’ve been talking about instilling gratitude in the boys.  

To that effect, yesterday, on the way home from school, I announced to the children that we would be going electricity-free until bedtime. 633 more words


The Bailey-Bermuda Triangle

A disturbing, yet enthralling, phenomenon occurs in our house.  As soon as my husband and children walk into the door, it’s as though they are incapable of seeing anything on the floor. 345 more words


Watch Me Threaten...and Nae Nae

I mentioned, previously, that I am struggling with a lack of gratitude from my children.  I’ve been thinking up creative ideas to remedy this situation, and I’ll begin sharing those tomorrow, but in the meantime… 104 more words