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Yep, I'm a minimalist

I can go months and months and months without talking about minimalism in real life. But it seems like when I finally do talk about it, it keeps coming up. 949 more words


Organic Soap

The making of soap is an ancient practice and goes back to 5000 years. The most basic supplies for soap making were those taken from animal and nature; many people made soap by mixing animal fats with lye. 600 more words

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Free or Cheap Ways to Reduce Your Waste

The Earth is what we all have in common’ Wendell Berry

For a couple of years now, I have been trying to consume less plastic in my everyday activities. 743 more words


A little slower now.

I am on a journey toward throwing less things in the trash and sending them off to the landfill. Of course for a while I imagined recycling was the answer, but recyling in fact often causes more issues than landfills do. 502 more words


Zero Waste?

I have always said if I had the guts (which I don’t!) I would open a refill shop in Belfast. There has been such a gap in the market here but this week that has all changed and I was very excited to visit Belfast’s very first ‘zero waste’ shop, 836 more words

Zero Waste-eksperiment - dag 1

Denne uka har vi altså min første uke med å eksperimentere med Zero Waste – å unngå å kjøpe mat med innpakning som ikke er nedbrytbar! 162 more words

Zero Waste Tea

I am in love with tea. Even people who hardly know me just somehow know that I love tea. It’s the kind of person I am. 802 more words

Low Waste