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Summer Reflections...and...Confessions

On this, the eve of my having to have a 5 day work week (Eep!)….with the windows open and the Nickel Creek station playing on Pandora (or as it was affectionately called this weekend, … 1,660 more words

Plastic - we need to break up

Plastic is actually quite remarkable and is useful for a wide range of things.

However our infatuation with and reliance on plastic has gone too far and we need to step back. 972 more words


Grocery Shopping Package Free

Shopping for groceries is one of the areas I struggle the most going completely waste free. 306 more words

Zero Waste

TinyCaravan | The Positive Change

It’s been a while since we launched an interview, and this week’s post is quite special. This week we interview Jennifer and Vivian of TinyCaravan, a platform that helps form a community of conscious, like-minded individuals hoping to make changes for our environmental and social issues that affect our world widely today. 2,901 more words


5 changes to be more eco-friendly

This post is part 2 of a series of posts about sustainable living! Check out the first post here.

Hello again! Today I’m giving you the 5 changes that are on my personal To Do list in order to be more environmentally friendly, that I haven’t yet achieved for various reasons. 1,278 more words


join the glitterati

Who said you can’t have fun and be eco-conscious at the same time?

Sometimes trying to live an eco-friendly life can paint you into a corner. 243 more words


DIY - Make your own Cashew Milk

Plant based milks are so easy to make and the great thing is you can tweak the recipe based on your own preference. When looking at making my own i tried various methods to sweeten the recipe, and found that artificial sweeteners and syrups even the natural ones did not taste right, however the dates worked really well & the fact that it comes from a plant and not processed even better. 123 more words

Zero Waste