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Do You Believe In Spirits? My Personal Encounters!

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What are spirits? Some people say ghost, but I don’t like this term. A spirit is a soul that comes from a deceased person’s body. 1,224 more words


”If your mind can believe it

If your heart can conceive it

Then you can acheive it”

How to achieve true happiness in life: The secret finally revealed

I have finally discovered how to achieve
true happiness in life. It was in our faces all along and I wish I knew earlier
but now I do. 204 more words

Dear Lord, God...the universe. I'm fed up. Go to hell.

Dear Lord,

This might pretty much be an exercise in
futility like how a kid writes letters to Santa during Christmas.

This might be counterproductive as well as… 855 more words

I feel a wave of shyness coming on.

This was supposed to be a book, but procrastination, you know? Mahalia said, “Ain’t no time like the present”. So instead it’ll be a blog. A personal journal of the turbulent life of two women, mother and daughter.

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Hard work has it’s own reward

About me

Ever since I had my baby, three and a half years ago, I wrote. And I wrote. It helped me to make sense of everything I was going through. 151 more words