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Hagoromo and Hamura's Seal! Zetsu's Plan - Naruto Shippuden 462

Naruto Shippuden 462 continues on with the battle against Kaguya as now both Hagoromo and Hamura step into battle against her in an effort to fight and seal her creating the moon. 376 more words


Naruto and Sasuke vs Kaguya! Another Dimension - Naruto Shippuden 459

Naruto Shippuden 459 see’s Naruto and Sasuke’s battle against Kaguya as she tries to take all chakra that belongs to the world, all while trying to kill Indra and Ashura’s reincarnations. 543 more words


Kaguya Otsutsuki! Madara's Betrayed - Naruto Shippuden 458

Naruto Shippuden 458 ends Itachi’s arc and goes deep within the main canon work as we return to Naruto and Sasuke vs Madara. In his effort to use the Infinite Tsukuyomi, we see Black Zetsu pierce Madara’s heart and begins to command that everyone’s chakra be sent to Madara. 570 more words