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it’s been a while since i’ve been to korean bbq


opposite of akatsuki

learned a new japanese word

amazing zettai ryouiki . perfect ratios. 27 more words

Episode Rambling

Light-up Hikaru Skirt makes its Idol music video debut

The “wearable special effects” skirt project, “Hikaru Skirt,” made its big debut in the idol group Mōsō Collaboration’s newest music video, “Mahou no Juice” (lit. Magic Juice) on Sunday. 149 more words


Picture of The Day: Maid Girl

Lovely maid girl will be my personal selection for today’s Picture of The Day. Her outfit is just so white and so cute. You know you want to be served by this beautiful little angel right here.


Wallpaper of The Week: Shameimaru Aya 2

It’s not so often I get to post a Touhou related Wallpaper of The Week but this one just have to be done. Shameimaru Aya is looking rather gorgeous with her white outfit and that long sock is just to die for. 12 more words


A man’s wrist - Japan’s male version of a strip of exposed thigh?

In general, men have a very simple formula they use when determining how much female skin they like to see on display: the more, the better. 456 more words


Desktop Goodies: Twintails Girl Calendar

A purple calendar is available for you as a Rainmeter skin. Too bad I don’t know the name of the character that I use for this skin. 54 more words


Zettai Ryouiki

Japanese culture is weird, and I love it. Rather it is the tradition tea rituals or the modern Harajuku district, I find the culture full of polar opposites to be very interesting. 111 more words